100 Days to 5k (Take 2)

Day 5

Rowing day today. My internet is down, so I didn’t bother putting a YouTube show on the TV. Instead, I tried to put YouTube on my phone. That worked, as long as you didn’t want to actually listen to what was being said. I did. In the end, I found some fast-paced classical music. I am still bopping around listening to it as I write.

My stint at rowing was successful, with 3 miles being rowed in 45 minutes. This may not be fast for some people; however, I am happy. I varied the pace and did different types of strokes. Sometimes I used just my feet, sometimes a half push and then I used just my arms, or my arms and my back. I want to work my way up to hour-long rows with a greater distance, but for now, I want to make sure my elbow is fully healed before I give too much in the arm department.

After my row, I tried a quad stretch ☹. Still not able to do a quad stretch. I was not actually thinking I would be able to after only one day of yoga. But I think my issue is my back. This makes heaps of sense as I have a growth disorder in my back, and I will always be fighting to maintain core strength (and apparently flexibility). It is just the way I was born. Anyway, I will keep attempting the quad stretch and work on including yoga and some Pilates into my routine, and I will get that flexibility back.

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