100 Days to 5k (Take 2)

Day 6

I did it.  I went for a run.  Actually, a really long hour plus walk that had 4 running sessions in it. Okay, jogging sessions in it. The longest distance was 230 meters.  And I am very glad it was cloudy with a strong breeze.  Walking in the wind shadows of the buildings was most unpleasant despite the 24 0C temperature.  The humidity was at 84%.  Got to love Louisiana.

I have no idea what my total walk distance was because I only put my tracker on for the jogs giving me a total jog time of 9 minutes and a distance of 870m.  This is my baseline.  I am equal parts pleased and disappointed.  Disappointed because I could run that distance, in one stretch not that long ago, and I am pleased because now I know where I am starting from.  And you have to be positive about these things.

On another positive note, my bout of IBS is settling down, so the slacks I purchased the other day now actually fit.  YEAH! I did have an argument about buying the slacks because they didn’t fit around the middle (but did around everywhere else very nicely).  After this morning I am glad I did.

The photo today is of the gloomy weather. My brain says it should be cold but it is not!

And now for another round of editing.

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