100 Days to run 5k (Take 2)

Day 7

One week down. Not sure how many are left to go, but one week towards my goal is a solid start. The weather was meant to get bitterly cold this afternoon, so I took myself off for a strenuous walk despite my gym plan.

Oh Boy! The plan was to walk hard and fast. And I thought I was, but the timer on my phone disagreed and had me at the slowest time I’ve done for over a year. What! I was not amused as I felt like I was pushing myself. The second couple of kilometres were faster but still much slower than what I had been doing. I wonder if I can blame it on the strong wind?

Now, it is blowing a freezing gale outside, but earlier, it was a mildly cool gale with a hint of icy. So the challenge will be exercising tomorrow.

I almost managed a proper quad stretch—as long as you pretend I am a T-Rex again. Seriously not sure how I used to do it, but today I could grab my ankle. Any improvement will do.

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