100 Days to Run 5k (Take 2)

Day 9

What a workout today.  And no, I didn’t run or do anything major, but we did do an 8 km walk.  The pace wasn’t fast, but it was the duration of the walk that got me.  I have to admit to being tired by the time the last corner came into view.

We walked around Lake Martin, and my companions were too noisy for too much bird spotting unless it was duck decoys!  However, we all had a good chat walking along the levy.  After a healthy lunch, we boarded a swamp tour, wondering how to get a 90-minute boat trip out of a lake we managed to walk around in 2 hours.  Wow, our guide Shawn from Cajun Country Swamp Tours, certainly knew his stuff, and we managed to see turtles (not hard in Louisiana), alligators and birds galore.

Shawn would cut the motor or just putt the boat up to the birds and their nests.  He was able to explain the different types of birds so much better than I will ever be able to.  And the environmentalist in me appreciated not feeding the alligators.  Here are some of the many photos I took.’

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