100 Days to 5k (Take 2)

Day 10

Yet another day of touring. I did plan to do a proper workout this morning, but my bed was so cosy, and I was tired. Nevertheless, we did manage 5km of walking around the French Quarter in New Orleans and a further 2.5km walking around the New Orleans Museum of Art (NOMA). NOMA included several flights of stairs that my lungs felt (although not as bad as I thought they would).

The French Quarter of New Orleans is filled with quirky things. The place is colourful, vibrant and smells! Okay, Bourbon Street smells of disinfectant. The rest of the tourist area smells of stale things. My favourite part of the French Quarter are the residential streets, with their close houses, no parking and unique architectural details. The most challenging thing is the people who walk past, start a conversation, and then ask for your loose change. I’m Australian, this type of activity is quite unnatural to me. This could be because I don’t walk around random neighbourhoods at home. 

NOMA was a great size for an Art Gallery. The ones I have been in previously have been massive, and I have to admit that whilst I like looking at art, I don’t like spending hours in a quiet gallery where footsteps echo. There were many different displays in small rooms, so there was not too much of the one thing. Also, NOMA had art and items from different eras. Seeing the coloured metal cups I drank out of at my Grandparents house was a bit surprising. I don’t consider myself old enough to have a personal connection to things in an art museum!

With the other incidental exercise performed today, it was quite an active day.

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