100 Days to Run 5K (Take 2)

Day 11

This whole trying to run thing is not working for me.  I’ve done too many touristy things and have had too much else happening to focus on anything more than just doing exercise.

Today I had early errands to run, which meant that I didn’t get a run in.  I am getting quite frustrated, and I have to work out how I can make this running important enough to me that I get up early and get a run in, or some other kind of workout that will progress my goal.  I just don’t know how to do that.

Today, I did an upper body workout.  Plenty of raised arms, small weights, push-ups (being cautious of my elbow still because I don’t want to trigger another bursitis).  I threw in some squats and basically organised it so that I did a round of exercises, then crossed an item off my to-do list, and did another round of exercise.  It was the only way I could get myself motivated.  AAAAAAAAARGH.

Frustration doesn’t being to explain how I am starting to feel. My picture today is about how I am feeling over all of this. It was taken at the Baton Rouge Zoo the last time I was attempting to run 5 kilometers in 100 days.

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