100 Days to Run 5K (Take 2)

Day 13

Back to being tourists again today, and again, with a sleep in. I will work on this getting up early thing!

Today we headed off to New Orleans and despite my plans of parking somewhere free but close to the French Quarter, when we turned into the carpark, the carpark had been turned into a Covid testing clinic. This worked out great for my exercise for the day, because the driver turned to the only free parking they knew. However, it was over a kilometre away from our first destination. Because we were already running late, it was a fast walk.

There we toured the Museum of Voodoo. Very interesting, but very small. The place could have used either a cap on the numbers they sent through or a few extra rooms. I didn’t appreciate being squashed into a small space with over ten other people, all trying to look at the exhibits. I will probably go back but target a weekday instead of a weekend. Despite the crowd, the knowledge gained was valuable. I knew voodoo was a coalescing of religion and culture, I did not realise that it developed so that slaves could continue to practice their faith in a way that was acceptable to their owners. This is a simplistic view of the practice. The Voodoo in New Orleans is Voodoo-Catholicism.  If you ever go to New Orleans, go visit the museum (just try for a quiet time where you will have more space to read everything!)

After the Museum of Voodoo, we headed to the Museum of Death. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take photos in the Museum of Death which was a shame because there were some cool complete animal skeletons. Also, some crime scene photos showed too much blood for me. Guess I will never have a career with anything to do with lots of blood! I thought I would dislike the museum because I had heard it was all about serial killers. I believe that we should not, in any form, idolise these criminals. However, the museum was a pleasant surprise. Aside from animal skeletons, there were displays on autopsy and embalming, persevered body parts (animal and human), and a few historical moments in time that revolved around death.

After that, we had a fast walk back to the car, bringing our total distance to around 4 km, most of which was done at a sufficiently speedier pace than usual, and I was consequently quite tired when we finally made it back to the car. And the most enjoyable part of our trip today was that we were in the more residential part of the French Quarter, so no smell 😊.

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