100 Days to Run 5k (Take 2)

Day 14

Almost felt it today—the desire to run. I was planning on doing a row, but I had to take the rubbish outside, and it wasn’t a bad looking day. So I rugged up, got my music pumping and headed out.

I was thinking more along the lines of just doing an actual exercise session. That meant I concentrated on increasing my overall speed. Which I did, but it also triggered my shin splints. They hurt. I stopped at several locations to do stretches that have helped previously, but nothing did today. So I headed back to the apartment to row. Which I did.

I also threw in some squats and pushups as I did the household chores bringing my exercise time to one hour. I am pretty happy with the time, as I was aiming for an hour of exercise. I am also glad that I switched to an alternative activity when walking wasn’t suitable for me today.

There were a couple of wins today, and I caught up on all my blogging about my 100 days to run 5k. 

At least for the next few weeks, we are taking a break from tourist activities. This will make it easier for me to concentrate on running. This is an excellent thing because I have only run once two weeks into my plan. Looks like more running is coming up.

Photo today is of some autumn leaves we saw whilst walking. This part of Louisiana doesn’t get many of the red leaves. The leaves mostly turn yellow then drop, and there are plenty of evergreens around as well.

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