100 Days to Run 5K (Take 2)

Day 16

Rowing day today.  I did two miles in just under 40 minutes.  This is actually pretty depressing because I used to row at almost 5 miles an hour.  But I am going to look at the positives.  I exercised for a reasonable time period.  I worked on my leg muscles.

Day 17

Rest day.  Busy kneading bread.  I have now converted to make a naan bread dough for every bread-related thing I make.  The dough is so sensual to touch.  Love it.

Day 18

I did it.  I started out with a walk.  Then I stopped and stretched my legs to avoid shin splints and then I jogged.  My goal was to jog over 250m in one hit.  This is over my current best distance.  And I did it! Yeah.  I was going to do eight jogs this morning.  However, I made two and just as I was about to start my third, my ankle started aching. 

Positive—I walked home and completed some neck and shoulder stretches and then got on the rower and pushed out a mile.  I managed the mile in just over 13 minutes.  This was a fast time for me. 

The goal was to get the blood pumping through my brain and lungs today.  It worked.  And I am pleased that I simply switched exercises when something started hurting. 

That’s what I like about our rower.  It is gentle on your muscles but if you need to stop because of a sore ankle, you can just row with your upper body.  My arms are telling me that they got quite a workout.

Feeling positive about this 100 days to run 5k goal despite my slow start.  😊

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