100 Days to run 5Km (take 2)

Day 19

I rowed today.  Did a quick 1 mile in just over 15 minutes.  This may be slow to some, but not to me, not at the moment.  My back felt it afterwards.

Day 20

I had a rest day today.

Day 21

Did a beginning Body Project workout.  I made sure I put in the extra effort so that I was sweating and puffing not far into it.  The weather has been cold outside and I was exposed to Covid.  (I mean who isn’t at the moment!)  I just wanted to make sure that I remain healthy so I upped my Berocca intake.  It’s a B complex dietary supplement but it also has other vitamins that boost your immune system. That’s why I ditched my planned morning run.

Day 22

I am happy with myself today.  I managed to row 1.5 miles in 20 minutes.  That beats my personal best by half a mile over one hour of rowing.  Pity the YouTube show I was watching ended. Because then my mind got in the road and kept telling me that I had other jobs to do.  Stupid mind!

I am still actively writing and editing novellas at the moment. Editing isn’t something that comes easy to me, so I tend to be brain dead after a session. I continue to be happy that I am still exercising. Tomorrow I will have to brave the outside weather and go for another run.

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