I once worked in the middle of the Australian desert, where perenties climbed up the sides of houses, mice plagues were frequent, hail was massive, and red dust pervasive.  Now I live a much more ordinary life and balance the calling of mother, teacher (so help me I like teens), wife and domestic goddess (although I suspect I fail quite spectacularly in that job).

In my spare time, I wear the labels off my computer keyboard from typing too much and perpetuate the myth, for my students, that I don’t actually have time to watch TV (they simply assume I am always doing school work). When life gets a little dull, the ideas in my brain takes over and I am constantly winning good vs evil epic battles and having heroines falling in love with men who can read their mind.  The rules of reality don’t apply in my head. Fortunately, I don’t completely throw science out the window and gravity still rules.