Amber and the Town of Bright 7

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“Hello,” a man called through the front door of the house. Colin had made Roxy lay planks down to the front door so that the front door could be accessed.

“Hi,” Amber popped out from just inside the room.   She had almost filled the ute with books.  It was slower going in here because she had to sort the good from the bad.

“Ally from the Library sent us around.  She said you had some books.”

“Oh yeah.  I have some books all right.”  Amber stepped back and motioned them into the room.

“Wow, I’m Dean by the way, paramedic by profession, book lover in all my resting moments.”

“Amber,” she replied.

“I’m Honey.”

Whilst Dean was probably slightly older than her, Honey was well and truly retirement age.  Amber snuck a look out the front.  There were two cars, one had a trailer on it.

Dean noticed her looking.

“I hope you don’t mind, I used to do visits to Mr Grant and I know how many books he has.  I’ve conned the local storage sheds to lend us some book boxes.  George is coming with them soon in the back of his ute.  You’ve done well to get the hallway cleared.”

“Thanks, although I’ve had a lot of help.  Milly and her kids came up yesterday and then some friends came up from Melbourne. Colin MacDonald and his grandson have been around.”

“Milly said it was family,” Honey prompted.

“Closest to family I’ll ever get.” Amber said softly but she didn’t say much.

“Well the books are in here.” Amber said to change the topic.  “I’m putting the ones with damage in this box and dumping in the skip.  The ones for the library I am putting in these boxes and loading in my ute, although you can also place them in the trailer now I suppose.”

“Good oh, lets get started.” Dean said and the three of them only stopped when George turned up with more boxes.


Amber heard footsteps on the front steps.  This would be her second interruption for the day.  The day had started out well with Amber getting on with her business.  Catching up with Gavin and Angus, they were probably her only friends outside of the growing band of people in Bright.  She’d been then so heavily involved in her translations that she had jumped when Colin had hammered on her front door.  Now there were footsteps again.

“That will be my pesky grandson,” Colin complained.  They were seated at the kitchen table, Amber had made a pot of tea and she was showing Colin how to use skype.  Roxy was on the other end of the connection giving Colin a hard time about him hanging up on her all the time. Amber got up and went to the front door laughing.

She froze and the blood drained from her face when she saw Maverick in his police uniform.  Another constable was beside him.  This one, young, barely out of school.

“Wow, you’ve sure cleaned the place up.”

“That’s what happens, although I am sure Tom thinks I deserted him because I no longer use his skips.” She attempted a laugh.  In the back ground Colin cursed Roxy.

“You damnable young vixen.  How in the blazes do I turn on the video?”

“That answers my question about if Grandpa was here.  Gran said he wandered off sometime this morning from the shop.  You didn’t give him a lift over,” he asked.

Amber shook her head.  “I think he got a taxi, I didn’t even realise Bright had a taxi service.”

“We do, if I could just come in and get him.” Maverick asked.

Amber pondered for a moment, using her body to bar the doorway.  “He’s having fun, I can drop him home when he and Roxy have finished Skyping if you want.”

“Gran says that he has a doctor’s appointment that he has to go to,  otherwise I would take you up on the offer.”

She paused for a moment and then uttered a sigh.  Amber breathed in deeply and some colour returned to her face. “I’ll just go get him then.”

Amber disappeared into her dining room.

“Colin, Maverick is here to take you to your doctor’s appointment.”

“That cursed grandson of mine.  Roxy you need to teach an old man how to disappear.  Bloody doctors only ever tell me that I can’t do this and I can’t do that.”

“Sounds worse than teachers,” Roxy smiled at him.  Her eyes lit up and she was laughing at him.  “You know I thought it was only kids that couldn’t do as they wanted.”

“Ha you ought to try being 88 young lady.  I’d best go, Amber looks fit to be tried with a police officer on her door step.  You should find out why she hates them.  Then you could tell me and I could tell Maverick so he’d know.”

“Hello, right here.” Amber cut in.  “You keep heading forward Roxy and remember, for every four weeks you don’t wag and you turn up to classes on time, I’ll shout you a bus fare to Bright so you can stay for holidays, weekends etc.  Some days, it’s just like cleaning up this place, one foot in front of the other and don’t think about where you are going or what you have done.”

“Yeah, you’d best get back to speaking that fancy stuff. You know they enrolled me into French class.  That’s just crap.  Stupid school. See ya Old fart, go give that doctor Hell.” Roxy clicked the hang up icon and there was a bleep from the computer.

Amber passed Colin his walking stick. He rose slowly and hobbled towards the door.

“Take care on those front steps Colin,” she warned him.  He turned and shook a finger at her.

“You’re as bad as everyone else.  I’ve been walking on my own two legs since I could stand.  Don’t you go telling me to take care, I was there when Roxy pulled up those boards.”

Amber just smiled at him.  Maverick smiled at her over his grandfather’s head and Amber felt a flutter in her groin. Why did the man have to be so damned good looking.



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