100 Days to Run 5K (Take 2)

Day 24

What a workout! Definitely not outside training today with sub-zero temperatures. I did open the door and think about it for a moment. Then I thought not!

I started a Body Project workout with a housemate. Unfortunately, it didn’t go so well. My housemate got on the rower, and I changed workouts. I probably should have stayed with the original one! If anyone needs an intense 25-minute workout to get your heart pumping, cross body core movements, then try this workout.

I failed on the burpees at the end. It was an intense set, but sometimes my blood pressure means rapid changes in height make me light-headed. So I modified the exercise to just do mountain climbers for one set.

Hindsight is wonderful. The title of the workout program “Burn and Blast” should have given me an indication of how intense the workout was. I felt great afterwards like I had done a really intense exercise program. Yeah, Me 😊!

100 Days to 5K (Take 2)

Day 23

I did it. The day was miserable outside, but I still got out and did a jog. I tricked myself by saying that I needed to get dressed to put the rubbish out, and because it was cold out, I should put on my running shoes. Great strategy because I got back inside, grabbed my phone and earphones and set off.

My phone was in my jacket pocket because I didn’t have a pocket in my running outfit. Thus, my music stopped. I turned it off and kept going.

Dodging the puddles was the hardest thing to do today! We must have had plenty of rain last night. Fortunately, the ground was dry, so I could keep my feet dry and avoid puddles in the path by walking on the grass.

I managed a continuous jog of 600 meters today. This was 100 meters more than my goal distance. Woo Hoo! Starting to feel like I will be successful. Next run, I am going to target a kilometre. That means I will have to do some intensive workouts to increase my lung capacity.

It’s taken me almost one-quarter of my goal time to start to feel like I will be successful here. By the time I am at Day 50, I guess I should be running 2.5 kilometres continuously. But I will aim for 3 kilometres because I want to work on getting my running time once I have hit my target distance.

That goal of 3 kilometres continuous running in the next 27 days is a little scary. I know I can do this because the last time I attempted to run 5km in 100 days, I ran over 1 kilometre by Day 15 and improved rapidly.

100 Days to run 5Km (take 2)

Day 19

I rowed today.  Did a quick 1 mile in just over 15 minutes.  This may be slow to some, but not to me, not at the moment.  My back felt it afterwards.

Day 20

I had a rest day today.

Day 21

Did a beginning Body Project workout.  I made sure I put in the extra effort so that I was sweating and puffing not far into it.  The weather has been cold outside and I was exposed to Covid.  (I mean who isn’t at the moment!)  I just wanted to make sure that I remain healthy so I upped my Berocca intake.  It’s a B complex dietary supplement but it also has other vitamins that boost your immune system. That’s why I ditched my planned morning run.

Day 22

I am happy with myself today.  I managed to row 1.5 miles in 20 minutes.  That beats my personal best by half a mile over one hour of rowing.  Pity the YouTube show I was watching ended. Because then my mind got in the road and kept telling me that I had other jobs to do.  Stupid mind!

I am still actively writing and editing novellas at the moment. Editing isn’t something that comes easy to me, so I tend to be brain dead after a session. I continue to be happy that I am still exercising. Tomorrow I will have to brave the outside weather and go for another run.

100 Days to Run 5K (Take 2)

Day 16

Rowing day today.  I did two miles in just under 40 minutes.  This is actually pretty depressing because I used to row at almost 5 miles an hour.  But I am going to look at the positives.  I exercised for a reasonable time period.  I worked on my leg muscles.

Day 17

Rest day.  Busy kneading bread.  I have now converted to make a naan bread dough for every bread-related thing I make.  The dough is so sensual to touch.  Love it.

Day 18

I did it.  I started out with a walk.  Then I stopped and stretched my legs to avoid shin splints and then I jogged.  My goal was to jog over 250m in one hit.  This is over my current best distance.  And I did it! Yeah.  I was going to do eight jogs this morning.  However, I made two and just as I was about to start my third, my ankle started aching. 

Positive—I walked home and completed some neck and shoulder stretches and then got on the rower and pushed out a mile.  I managed the mile in just over 13 minutes.  This was a fast time for me. 

The goal was to get the blood pumping through my brain and lungs today.  It worked.  And I am pleased that I simply switched exercises when something started hurting. 

That’s what I like about our rower.  It is gentle on your muscles but if you need to stop because of a sore ankle, you can just row with your upper body.  My arms are telling me that they got quite a workout.

Feeling positive about this 100 days to run 5k goal despite my slow start.  😊

100 Days to Run 5K (Take 2)

Day 15

Just a quick but intense workout today.  I have a range of editing tasks I need to catch up on, so for today’s workout, I settled on HIIT rapid knee highs.  One minute on, one minute off.

It worked out to be an average of 1 minute, 10 seconds on and 50 seconds off.  I used Rocky music to motivate me, and my lungs feel the effects.

So whilst I only had a 20-minute workout program today, I am certainly feeling it in my lungs, which is want I need if I want to run further than before.

My lungs have mostly held me back from things, and I have no idea the reason why.  I just know if I keep on attempting sprints and pushing my lungs, they will get better.

I have to apologise for not posting regularly. I am in the midst of editing and writing a young adult/new adult series. My brain tends to focus on only one thing. Thus my posts will be sporadic. I am still exercising and still working towards my goal of running 5 kilometres in 100 days.