Netflix binge

The day starts sunny

But soon degrades

Blue turn white to grey

Wind picks up

Moods descend

Windows close

Doors shut

Trying to stay warm

Distraction does not work

Netflix calls

Ekka Winds

We have a show called the Ekka

It’s in early August each year

The show is fantastic

Full of life and laughter

Showbags, fashion parades,

Wood chops, tent pegging

Over priced goldfish to win

Chickens with plumage on display

Beef cattle and dairy parades

Goats and horses

The Country comes to Town

Arts and crafts

Cakes and bickies

Firemen and strawberry sundaes

Sheep dog trials, Fireworks

And don’t forget the wind

Bitter and cold

Lazy to the extreme

It can’t be bothered to go around.

The bloody wind goes through you.

Trust the Math

Trust the math

Trust the process

2 + 2 = 4

Trust the math

Trust the process

It’s a lack of trust

That cause people to fail.

Trust the math

Trust the process


It always does

It always will

Yet people do not trust.

Parent teacher interviews

The cold seeps in

It starts with my toes

Sockettes and leather pumps

Not sufficient foot clothes

The legs are next to go

Clad in blue jeans

I need a walk to warm up

But there are parents to be seen

If I cannot move soon

No jumper is going to work

My fingers stiff and frozen

I am going to go berserk

Parent Student teacher interviews

In winter, why are these things scheduled

The last parent gone, I bid adieu


There is a chain that is unbroken

That we struggle, all of us, to break

The links are thick and solid

Our only tool – the word

They tell us that the word

Is mightier than the sword

And I guess if we chip long enough

A divot is all it may take

A weakness in the chain

That we can exploit with words

But most it seems quite hopeless

A daunting task at best

At worst the task Mt Everest,

K2 and a covid

And then a ray of sunshine

Lights up that long ago dent

And a chain is shattered

Poverty is won against.

Never forgotten

“Gone but not forgotten”

Such an annoying phrase

Anyone who has ever lost

Goes through it again and again.

Of course you are not forgotten

Remembered every day

Unsuspecting memories cause

Such a lot of pain.

You go to make a phone call

And remember they’re not there

You want to share something funny

You need advice, a sounding board

And if the pain does not hit

Bone deep sadness does when

You remember who you need

Has gone. 

Never forgotten.

Photo by S. Coultis

Life never froze

I find treasures buried deep

In old boxes – once neat

Laughter, joy and lots of tears

As the end stage of life nears

Why do we collect memories

On objects that last centuries

Someone one day must dispose

Of belongings – of a life that never froze

Hidden pain

I had a student the other day

One look and I knew his pain

It was hidden in what he did not say

He did not greet me normally

Yet laugh loud with his friends

A loud obnoxious tra-de-lee

He entered class with excess vigor

Swore a lot

But showed no academic rigor

As a class clown he was quite funny

However I knew his clowning hid

That his life was far from sunny


Days come

Days go

Days stay the same







Perhaps I should have considered

The implications of my latest grand plan

Sure I can study each evening

2 hours no probs peeps.


Turns out I can do

Just what I said

And still have time for some crafting

But my brain is so fried

By lights out each night

That I miss my nightly day dreaming.

Day dreaming works great

When the mind has time to wander

Not so when there is no time to go.

Oh well, I will simply

Keep plugging away

And the ideas will return

One winter’s day

When the study is done

And the Masters hangs proudly

Upon a wall in a future time.

Scatty vs ADHD

My brain flits there

My brain flits here

My brain travels to another thought

I’ll start one thing

And before I know it

I’ve moved on to do another.

I cannot seem to focus

The world is much to bright

A movie to watch

A book to read

A poem I must write

And all the while I struggle

To focus and complete one task

I so often wonder if it’s just scatty brain I have

Or perhaps something more serious

Something diagnosable

But in order to get diagnosed

I’d have to concentrate

So I guess that I’ll just soldier on

And wonder way too much

About my scatty flitty brain

Whose focus jumps too often

And try again to focus it

On a task

Worked through to completion.