It’s the little things

I am alone

Yet I am not

I am lonely

Yet I am not

I am worried

Constantly worried

And I am tired of it all.

The pressures of living

Close in, in my brain

It’s not the big things

Those I cannot control

It’s the little things that bother me now.

Fruitlessly attempting to study

I drift off to dream land

Yet another time

I started to study

The readings were dry

My head jerks awake

As it falls on my chest

My eyes blink excessively

Fruitlessly at best

I attempt again

To read academic scripts

But the deep dark sanctum

Of sleep; rolls other clips.


When cleaning out the house

There are many treasures to behold

Long forgotten memories

Helping to shape the future mould.

Insidious Weed

Insidious weed

Come to stay

Invaded the place

In just one day.

World on Repeat

Rush Hush

Rush Hush

Rush Hush

B r e a t h e





Rush Hush

Rush Hush

Rush Hush

B r e a t h e

The world


In fin ite ly

Parting Ways

The desk is overflowing

The drawers are long stuck closed

The roll top is a holder

For horders to behold.

Alas the end is coming

That paperwork must die

Sent to the cross cut shreder

Then to the compost bin to lie.

Sadness settles in

The day is cool

Jumpers warm

I cannot afford the heater

The night grows tired

As do I

Yet I cannot afford a dinner

The bank balance is on empty

Seven days til I get paid

Not enough money to pay the bills

I said I would never have regrets

Years of money squandered

A deep sadness settles in

The power of a Parent

The power of a parent

To build them up or knock them down

The power of a parent

To create happy human beings

The power of a parent

Is sometimes highly in doubt

But the parent has lots of power

Of that there is no doubt

A parent who follows up

When that teacher rings home for bad

Has just made a difference

Positive and well accepted

A parent who does nothing

After the same phone call

Tells the student – “I do not care

About you much at all”

I thank my deity every day

My parents had good power

And used it in many different ways.

A War you don’t want to win

You are dead to the world

No one sees you

And those who know you

Don’t seem to care.

You fight the world

At every turn

It doesn’t care

One child,


Battling living

A war you fight

But you don’t want to win

Just stop and let someone help you

Just stop and let someone in.

But you know

You have known for years

That letting some one in

Hurts you more in the end.

No friend to you

“He’s my friend”

“He just hit you”

“He’s my friend”

“He pushed you into a bush”

“He’s my friend”

“He held you down”

“He’s my friend”

“He’s no friend to you”

“She talked to me”

“You did not hear the nasty”

“She sat beside me willingly”

“So she could find more ammunition”

“She laughed with me”

“She laughed at you”

“She’s my friend”

“She’s no friend to you.”

Teens with ASD*

Sometimes have it rough

Unable to determine

Niceness and friendship

From the rot.

How can you tell a child

Desperate for some friends

That some who offer friendship

Are not doing it to be friends.

*ASD – Autism Spectrum Disorder – a condition along a spectrum where people’s brains are wired differently. This makes it very hard for people with ASD to pick up social cues. For more information click here.