Seven days

I am released at 2:30pm

From the daily grind.

Friday is the most exhausting

Faces faced – two straight lines.

Filed into class today

Sat in allocated seating

They looked at books, and wall and chairs

Threw some sticks around

And when they finally quietened down

You’d think they’d look at me.

No.  The book, the chair, the cardboard backdrop

But no eye contact with me.

Thus when the bell rang an hour later

Oh the release for me

My shoulders slumped

The stress it left,

Exhaustion in it’s place

Seven days until hell visits again.


I face tomorrow with dread,

It’s got nothing to do with me

But argumenting people

Is not too pleasant you see.

Winter Beaches

I live near the golden beaches

Gold Coast south and

Sunshine Coast north

I see these beaches all summer long

Calm then stormy

Clear then dark

Waters change from cool to warm

Relief from summer heat

Sun blazes down burning sand

Winter is relief

The beach in winter

Crystal clear

Gentle waves lap the shore

Enticing you to swim once more.

Honesty is trouble

There is a reason that I teach

And one that’s pretty sad

I teach because I like the kids

I can read their little faces

They openly bitch and moan

I don’t have to guess the reasons

Adult, I just assume

Act the same as me

And it often comes to my surprise

That they don’t.

I have never understood

The Bitch and the rumour spreader

I have never understood

The vindicitive and narcissist

I will never understand

The ins and outs of conversations

When to tell the small white lie

When to sprout out the big one.

You ask me a direct question

You get a direct answer

I have been known to weave a little

But never when I’m tired.

I don’t pick up the social cues

The ones that say “Don’t say it”

And most of all I just assume

That adults are just as honest too.

Face value I take what you say

And this got me into trouble today.




One moment ruins a day

I try not to let it be so

I focus on the positives

The successes and the laughter

The smiles, the grins, the sweet acceptances

Then comes along a wham bam moment

Right up there in your face

And I forget about the positives

And to bed at night I take –



Today I took a wandering

Through skyscrapers most tall

And found life in the alleys.

There were the worker ants

Bustling off to work.

Bus and lorry drivers

Honking at their passing

There were the pedestrians

Heading home

Hot coffees encased in foam

Exercisers side stepped slower going folk

School children escorting

Younger siblings for the school day

Families with prams and dogs

Entered into the fray.

All of this seems chaos

But they all knew what to do.

It was the group of homeless

That tore my heart in two.

Do not blame your kids

Some parents should be shot.

I know that’s rather blunt

But if you don’t want your kids

Use contraceptives or just don’t.

I know mistakes are made

I know things aren’t always planned

But do not blame your kids

When things years ago got out of hand.


A deep sadness settles

About the hopelessness I feel

Unable to fight the fight

Unable to speak the words

Unable to change an outcome

Unable just unable


I have not the skills nor knowhow

To change how others think

I cannot force a parent

To recognise their child

Is resting at a precipice

And trying to decide


Will stepping off the edge

Make her happy inside.


Summer prepping

I’m fortunate where I live

That winter is not too cold

For about this time every year

It’s a swimming I will go.

I have to get back in shape

And swim some decent ks

Kilometer after kilometer

In winter’s cool embrace.

For come the coldest month of spring

I have to prove my worth

And demonstrate to them above

That I am capable in a rush

To burst through those towering waves

And swim hard to those foolish folk

That swim outside the flags.

Blobs of paint

Blobs of paint

Smeared on canvas

Swirled around with palette knife

A swish here

A flourish there

Another dollop of paint

Wack another canvas on top

Pull it off

Art is done.

©KJ Eastwick July 2019

Inspired by the work of the Australian Artist Ben Quilty who seems to quite enjoy creating mirror image artworks that turn out to look like landscapes. Despite my flippancy of words I quite enjoy these landscapes and am in awe of how you can get something of a landscape out of the randomness that seems to exist in his work. To learn more about Ben Quilty go to