What a busy highway

This tree is

The tracks are never ending

Seamlessly they merge

Into one chaotic mess

Up and down

This way and that

What busy lives

The creatures of this tree


The old man

Stooped and still

Fishing the lake

The old man never moves

Day in

Day out

Rain, storms or shine

The old man never moves

One day – perhaps

He’ll succumb to the stoop

And drop into the waters beside

But I hope the old man

Has many years yet

Of fishing and stillness to go


I lie in bed waiting

Waiting to get the time

To go for a jog, a run, a walk

But instead I lie in bed.

The weather will be hotter later

I’ll walk this afternoon

Get your backside up and shoes on

I’ll do something around noon.

I’ll use the exercise bike

I’d actually rather row

There are some weights out there waiting

Pity that machine is broken.

One of these days I’ll stop making excuses

And actually get ready to go

Oh that’s today, I sit here in exercise clothes

Writing poetry instead – you know.

© KJ Eastwick 2019

The Sentinel

Standing high

Standing strong


Withstanding the test of time

Probably should have

I started to exercise today – I truly did

I tried to put on my runners – they ran away

I tried for my sports bra – the stitching undid

I tried for the pants – the stitching unraveled

I now have a skirt.

I probably should have if I could have

Exercised prior to this

Ancient Ships

Once sailed across the ancient seas

Grand ships of iron flew

Here and there

These majestic ships blew

Roll on the decades

Roll on the years

Ships of iron


Defeated by waves

Defeated by fiery shores

Now filled with granite

Sunk down below

Decades past

Years roll by

Eons later

Those ships become the shore

Released by waves

Released by storms

No more grandeur

A rusty hull visible once more



Warm pavement
Cold shadows
Hot sun
Cool breezes
Crisp skies
Bright light
Clustered flowers
Graceful grass stalks
Gorgeous sunsets
Pale pink moon-rise
Soft dawn
Chirping birds
Silent insects
Leaping Lizards
Camels, cows
Horses too
Dingos, rats
And mice
Desert animals
Desert deaths
Harsh hot
Cold frosts
Dry Dry


I needed to speak to you Mum

I needed to hear you

I just needed a chat

That was all

I just want to talk to you

I go to call

I can’t remember your phone number

A sledge hammer hits me

As I recall

You’ve already gone

4 years before.

I am lost

I am lost

A woman

A child

A wife

A mother

How do I find me?

How do I know?

Who am I?

Where am I?

I am lost

I try to find

I hunt in the corners

Deep in the cracks

Trying to find

Who I am

I am lost

Thanks to Sarah C for the photo and inspiration

Ode to Tarot

Tarot spun ideas around

“Take a leap,”

Tarot screamed

“You will not drown”

I jumped from that cliff top

I thought I would pound

Into the dirt far below

Down I plummeted

Towards the hard ground

I did not hit

Instead I reached out

Tarot it seemed

Knew what would be

I made that dream happen

Hard work all the way

Apparently Tarot

Knew just what to say.

I am pretty much a skeptic who’s best friend developed a passion for Tarot. Her advice was to take tarot seriously. In the interest of science – I did.

She’s good, so far she is batting at 100% of the predictions made for me. Of course the predictions don’t manifest quite how I thought but they are holding so far. If you are interested please check her out at Intuitive Insight.