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A moral Compass

I have a compass A moral one To do the right And not the wrong   But with this needle Comes some grief For right is hard And long and tiring   This arrow points in one direction It never moves And never quivers… Continue Reading “A moral Compass”

Bliss and Rapture

Bliss and rapture do abound To those that find first love And those who find last loves And those that find lost loves.  

The times of Silence

I like the 3am silence the best The house and street are sleeping No cars to break the noise No “wandering homes” from the train   After that I like the midnight silence This is good for marking An odd car A rumbling train… Continue Reading “The times of Silence”

Degrees of Knowing

I have degrees of knowing Sometimes I know a lot Sometimes I know nothing And sometimes it’s in between


via Daily Prompt: Succumb The darkness leaches into the sky The noise filters outwards It dissipates with the busyness Of a suburban street at night. Dishes clank and dinner smells devine, No leftovers tonight. TV mutters away but is anyone really watching? Teenagers entertain… Continue Reading “Succumb”