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Above us there is only sky

Above us there is only sky Where is it that we go when we die? Do we really know? We talk of up and down below Out of the nest, souls throw And some must travel And some must rest Here with us, I’ve… Continue Reading “Above us there is only sky”

Imagination is my play

Imagination should be easy To post about today Afterall I am a writer Imagination is my play But how do you break down this word That allows the mind to fly Invent new worlds and recreate The worlds that have gone before How can… Continue Reading “Imagination is my play”


Astral is about the stars How I wonder where we are? What is our position in the stars? Is there other life out there? Would we recognise it if we stare? How many planets do exist? Does our Ego make us miss Opportunities for… Continue Reading “Questions”

Someone else’s shoes

I recently acted In an acting role And it seemed like I acted Alright I suppose No one jumped up No one jumped down Problems got solved Exercise I found I walked and I walked I talked some what too I found myself a… Continue Reading “Someone else’s shoes”

Just a few more days

I have been bad of late I have not been present In this space Life unfortunately – Gets in the road of dreams And sometimes it’s not possible, To redirect and reschedule her. Life has thrown a curve ball A hopefully small one at… Continue Reading “Just a few more days”