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Someone else’s shoes

I recently acted In an acting role And it seemed like I acted Alright I suppose No one jumped up No one jumped down Problems got solved Exercise I found I walked and I walked I talked some what too I found myself a… Continue Reading “Someone else’s shoes”

Just a few more days

I have been bad of late I have not been present In this space Life unfortunately – Gets in the road of dreams And sometimes it’s not possible, To redirect and reschedule her. Life has thrown a curve ball A hopefully small one at… Continue Reading “Just a few more days”

Because I choose

Some days I feel like a rube A naive and gentle soul Lost in the great big world And it’s slowly getting old. I am a person with feeling I am a person who cares I am a person with passion For the people… Continue Reading “Because I choose”

I used to be suspicious

I used to be suspicious A very new teacher me thing If something went missing It was automatically students taking. Now of this I did have cause For in one of my first few weeks Some very expensive Magnets May have walked down to… Continue Reading “I used to be suspicious”


Lecture is a boring word It conjures visions of sleeping Endless hours huddled in lecture chairs Eyelids slowly meeting And visions of others Similarly disinclined To do much more than doodle Simple to complex images appear Or people dreaming of strudel And then there… Continue Reading “Ineffectual”