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Winter Beaches

I live near the golden beaches Gold Coast south and Sunshine Coast north I see these beaches all summer long Calm then stormy Clear then dark Waters change from cool to warm Relief from summer heat Sun blazes down burning sand Winter is relief…

A moment of pure delight

Sunset across an urban water supply Probably doesn’t sound so poetic but despite our urban roadways Our pavements and our driveways We can find beautful visions a plenty. A patch of moss clinks to cement A flower fights through pavement A potplant and a…

Summer Heatwave

It’s bloody hot The sun is down Not a cloud mares the night The termostat has not budged Is there no end in sight Another long hot humid night

She is burning

Queensland, She is burning Both on the ground and in the air. 100 plus bush fires devouring Any grass tree or gum in their paths. Up and down the coast line From Brisbane down south, To way north of Cairns, Smoke haze fills the…

Day dawning

Fog shrouds the low lying ground, Clouds unsuccessfully hide the sun, Brilliant red gold lining, hints at the day just begun.

Ode to Sandstone

People love their granites And marble countertops They ooh and ah right over The pretty coloured rocks. Volcanic formations Get more than they deserve They’re hard and they tessalate It’s more than I can bear. It’s the humble sandstone With layers of darker sand…

Holidays are over

Holidays are over This is my favourite time of year The nights are built for snuggling The days for glorious sun. The sun is warm yet does not burn The skies are satisfyingly blue Clouds rarely mar the air And rain is never near….

Bird v Car

A bird call and a car motor Compete for making noise The bird is done quite quickly The motor fades away Which will last the distance Until the end of days?

Fishing on an open dam Wind creates ripples Unfixed, like the sand Paddle past the dead timber strands Submerged Lost Drowned Found Fingerlings hide in fallen timbers Snags and logs and lifeless trunks Safe from hopeless fishermen Let us hope they avoid the Barramundi.

Dying wave

Light trapped in the ripples Of a retreating wave Shadows form and shift Down the sand again Little speaks of sea foam Clink to the surface fast But this wave, it is dying Seconds only left to last.

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