Category: Environmental

Ekka Winds

We have a show called the Ekka It’s in early August each year The show is fantastic Full of life and laughter Showbags, fashion parades, Wood chops, tent pegging Over priced goldfish to win Chickens with plumage on display Beef cattle and dairy parades… Continue Reading “Ekka Winds”

In a rickety old chair

This photo draws me in It is not one of beauty A woman sits contemplating Maybe she is just exhausted Or maybe she seeks to hide In the mist on her Indian hill side The mist hints of beauties I cannot yet hope to… Continue Reading “In a rickety old chair”


What a busy highway This tree is The tracks are never ending Seamlessly they merge Into one chaotic mess Up and down This way and that What busy lives The creatures of this tree Lead.

The old man

Stooped and still Fishing the lake The old man never moves Day in Day out Rain, storms or shine The old man never moves One day – perhaps He’ll succumb to the stoop And drop into the waters beside But I hope the old… Continue Reading “The old man”

The Sentinel

Ancient Ships

Once sailed across the ancient seas Grand ships of iron flew Here and there These majestic ships blew Roll on the decades Roll on the years Ships of iron Fell Defeated by waves Defeated by fiery shores Now filled with granite Sunk down below… Continue Reading “Ancient Ships”


Warm pavement Cold shadows Hot sun Desert Cool breezes Crisp skies Bright light Desert Clustered flowers Graceful grass stalks Bougainvilleas Desert Gorgeous sunsets Pale pink moon-rise Soft dawn Desert Chirping birds Silent insects Leaping Lizards Desert Camels, cows Horses too Dingos, rats And mice… Continue Reading “Desert”

Winter Beaches

I live near the golden beaches Gold Coast south and Sunshine Coast north I see these beaches all summer long Calm then stormy Clear then dark Waters change from cool to warm Relief from summer heat Sun blazes down burning sand Winter is relief… Continue Reading “Winter Beaches”

A moment of pure delight

Sunset across an urban water supply Probably doesn’t sound so poetic but despite our urban roadways Our pavements and our driveways We can find beautful visions a plenty. A patch of moss clinks to cement A flower fights through pavement A potplant and a… Continue Reading “A moment of pure delight”

Summer Heatwave

It’s bloody hot The sun is down Not a cloud mares the night The termostat has not budged Is there no end in sight Another long hot humid night