Category: Exercise

Probably should have

I started to exercise today – I truly did I tried to put on my runners – they ran away I tried for my sports bra – the stitching undid I tried for the pants – the stitching unraveled I now have a skirt.… Continue Reading “Probably should have”

Day One again

Every time I start a plan I plan to improve my fitness This time I’ll be better at it. I won’t do this or fall for fads I’ll simply change my diet, Add a bit of exercise An extra peice of fruit No more… Continue Reading “Day One again”

A holiday night

It’s 8:24pm On a week day holiday night I’m tucked up in my newly made bed Sore feet resting up for tomorrow’s plight. They’ve been sore for a good three weeks now And they will for another few days delight With their pain and… Continue Reading “A holiday night”

Holidays are over

Holidays are over This is my favourite time of year The nights are built for snuggling The days for glorious sun. The sun is warm yet does not burn The skies are satisfyingly blue Clouds rarely mar the air And rain is never near.… Continue Reading “Holidays are over”


The morning dawns The birds awake Holidays No other sound to make The kids are blissfully tuckered out The house is content in cleaniless For me, My brain says time to rise This means today I have the luxury Of an early morning exercise.

Day Three

Day Two is done Day Three is finished 27 left No sugar But fruit Perhaps I should have Worked out what two peices were Today I had a conference And I avoided baked goods delicious But no vege sticks or cheese and dip Just… Continue Reading “Day Three”

30 day challenge

Medical testing coming up Preventative for sure But just in case I launched a job 30 days of fitness 30 days of healthy living 85 minutes of activity 12 000 steps each day to beat Three strength sessions over the week A swim per… Continue Reading “30 day challenge”


We talk so much about entitled Our entitled youth, No need to work, No need to learn, Life is a smorgasboard of offers. There is choice in what they study There is choice in if they work Each night and morn there is food… Continue Reading “Entitled”


Sugar is a deadly sin And something I’m quite fond of If only I could restrict myself All things in moderation Alas this Easter Was not kind Chocolate, lollies and more chocolate I watched the numbers on the scales Climb All gains I made… Continue Reading “Chocolates”

Pretentious Peeps

I went to the gym one day Don’t let that all shock you I went to lift some puny weights And got stuck amongst the monsters “I don’t take anything to build my muscles” Said a singlet clad muscle man proudly. “Not like all… Continue Reading “Pretentious Peeps”