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There is a pain inside of me And that is not what I like to admit We go about life ignoring the bad Someone else is in charge Someone else will fix it Child services Education The police The government But we lie to… Continue Reading “Perpetuates”

Hands off these little beauties

Hands off these little beauties I’m rather well endowed. They used to enjoy just hanging loose But age has not been kind. Hands off these little beauties They do not like being poked and prodded, The cold gel of ultrasound, Hands off these little… Continue Reading “Hands off these little beauties”

Netflix binge

The day starts sunny But soon degrades Blue turn white to grey Wind picks up Moods descend Windows close Doors shut Trying to stay warm Distraction does not work Netflix calls

Ekka Winds

We have a show called the Ekka It’s in early August each year The show is fantastic Full of life and laughter Showbags, fashion parades, Wood chops, tent pegging Over priced goldfish to win Chickens with plumage on display Beef cattle and dairy parades… Continue Reading “Ekka Winds”


There is a chain that is unbroken That we struggle, all of us, to break The links are thick and solid Our only tool – the word They tell us that the word Is mightier than the sword And I guess if we chip… Continue Reading “broken”

Never forgotten

“Gone but not forgotten” Such an annoying phrase Anyone who has ever lost Goes through it again and again. Of course you are not forgotten Remembered every day Unsuspecting memories cause Such a lot of pain. You go to make a phone call And… Continue Reading “Never forgotten”

Life never froze

I find treasures buried deep In old boxes – once neat Laughter, joy and lots of tears As the end stage of life nears Why do we collect memories On objects that last centuries Someone one day must dispose Of belongings – of a… Continue Reading “Life never froze”


Days come Days go Days stay the same Work Study Repeat Work Study Repeat Perhaps I should have considered The implications of my latest grand plan Sure I can study each evening 2 hours no probs peeps. ummm…… Turns out I can do Just… Continue Reading “Monotony”

My true heros

A hero inspires visions of grand and really strong men Of Wonder Woman and Super Girl Of capes, hammers and of big green men. Alas these are only fiction For I really wouldn’t mind A big green man or a Thor and Hammer Walking… Continue Reading “My true heros”

too scared to live

I do not know what you hide You only show so much I can tell you are troubled I can tell you reasons why Did your mother hit you this morning? Did you actually have food at home? Did your father take your medicine… Continue Reading “too scared to live”