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The silent child

He sits in the middle And doesn’t say a word A shrug – his answer to every question. He sits in the middle And hides from the world Slumped shoulders – not wishing to be seen. He sits in the middle No life signs…

In a rickety old chair

This photo draws me in It is not one of beauty A woman sits contemplating Maybe she is just exhausted Or maybe she seeks to hide In the mist on her Indian hill side The mist hints of beauties I cannot yet hope to…

The thing with Tarot

You see the thing with Tarot Is you always have to ask The right question Or you’ll get The wrong answer Tarot is a clever spirit She does not like the flippant She will not tell you the winner Of any reality TV show…


What a busy highway This tree is The tracks are never ending Seamlessly they merge Into one chaotic mess Up and down This way and that What busy lives The creatures of this tree Lead.

The old man

Stooped and still Fishing the lake The old man never moves Day in Day out Rain, storms or shine The old man never moves One day – perhaps He’ll succumb to the stoop And drop into the waters beside But I hope the old…

Probably should have

I started to exercise today – I truly did I tried to put on my runners – they ran away I tried for my sports bra – the stitching undid I tried for the pants – the stitching unraveled I now have a skirt….

Ancient Ships

Once sailed across the ancient seas Grand ships of iron flew Here and there These majestic ships blew Roll on the decades Roll on the years Ships of iron Fell Defeated by waves Defeated by fiery shores Now filled with granite Sunk down below…


I am lost

I am lost I am lost Thanks to Sarah C for the photo and inspiration

Ode to Tarot

Tarot spun ideas around “Take a leap,” Tarot screamed “You will not drown” I jumped from that cliff top I thought I would pound Into the dirt far below Down I plummeted Towards the hard ground I did not hit Instead I reached out…