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I face tomorrow with dread, It’s got nothing to do with me But argumenting people Is not too pleasant you see. Advertisements

Winter Beaches

I live near the golden beaches Gold Coast south and Sunshine Coast north I see these beaches all summer long Calm then stormy Clear then dark Waters change from cool to warm Relief from summer heat Sun blazes down burning sand Winter is relief…

Honesty is trouble

There is a reason that I teach And one that’s pretty sad I teach because I like the kids I can read their little faces They openly bitch and moan I don’t have to guess the reasons Adult, I just assume Act the same…


One moment ruins a day I try not to let it be so I focus on the positives The successes and the laughter The smiles, the grins, the sweet acceptances Then comes along a wham bam moment Right up there in your face And…

Do not blame your kids

Some parents should be shot. I know that’s rather blunt But if you don’t want your kids Use contraceptives or just don’t. I know mistakes are made I know things aren’t always planned But do not blame your kids When things years ago got…


A deep sadness settles About the hopelessness I feel Unable to fight the fight Unable to speak the words Unable to change an outcome Unable just unable   I have not the skills nor knowhow To change how others think I cannot force a…

Blobs of paint

Blobs of paint Smeared on canvas Swirled around with palette knife A swish here A flourish there Another dollop of paint Wack another canvas on top Pull it off Art is done. ©KJ Eastwick July 2019 Inspired by the work of the Australian Artist…

Scruffy Pizza

One exhausting Friday night We succumbed to take out. And as we waited our turn in line The fish shop was invaded. A father with three under four Was valiantly entertaining and educating His young mob. He’d mastered the art of distraction Taught numeracy…


Warm pavement Cold shadows Hot sun Desert Cool breezes Crisp skies Bright light Desert Clustered flowers Graceful grass stalks Bougainvilleas Desert Gorgeous sunsets Pale pink moonrise Soft dawn Desert Chirping birds Silent insects Leaping Lizards Desert Camels, cows Horses too Dingos, rats And mice…

The messy mind

My mind is rather messy Filled with thoughts of random facts A couple dozen stories fight To fit in my mind’s many gaps. My work tries to consume me And sometimes it will win No other thoughts permitted Work attempts to put them in…

Seed to Summit / Living A Life of Jen

Fueled by passion, healthy nutrition, fitness, and fun. My dream is to help others progress from where they are to where they want to be….. from Seed to Summit!


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