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Ancient Ships

Once sailed across the ancient seas Grand ships of iron flew Here and there These majestic ships blew Roll on the decades Roll on the years Ships of iron Felled Defeated by waves Defeated by fiery shores Now filled with granite Sunk down below… Continue Reading “Ancient Ships”

In the middle of Covid-19

I sit at my desk My small little workspace Cluttered yet organised And I ponder my life. In a few days I leave A chapter – not closing – just on hold. I plan to travel To see another part of the world And… Continue Reading “In the middle of Covid-19”

You have a daughter

Horrific Pain time stopped life unwanted now you lost can’t comprehend understand yet helpless your heart beats yet your son’s stopped frozen pain want to end it eating breathing It’s all irrelevant yet you have a daughter you have to live you have to… Continue Reading “You have a daughter”

The luxury of travel

My husband took a job But not local No – Overseas Half way across the world He would be living from me. That’s okay we would follow him Come rain or hail or COVID Dust settling and all that We popped down to Sydney… Continue Reading “The luxury of travel”

There are only memories now

The sunlight streams in through an open window A cool breeze follows it in The day holds promise – relax, chill out Yet a family is frozen in time. How do you handle the loss of a young one His future – a brilliant… Continue Reading “There are only memories now”