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I am defeated

As I sit here on a morning Before the day has really hit I am peaceful but I’m sad Thinking of the kids I’ve missed. I know I cannot do it all That I can only reach a few But I think of the…

A moment of pure delight

Sunset across an urban water supply Probably doesn’t sound so poetic but despite our urban roadways Our pavements and our driveways We can find beautful visions a plenty. A patch of moss clinks to cement A flower fights through pavement A potplant and a…

Just so he can see

I am meant to be inclusive In all the teaching that I do; I am meant to remove their barriers to learning. I also like to think that I am good at what I do Unfortunately I had a realisation.   When discussing some…

Summer Heatwave

It’s bloody hot The sun is down Not a cloud mares the night The termostat has not budged Is there no end in sight Another long hot humid night

Night works

We got a notice The other day Popped in the letter box.   We’re coming along Your street this week Doing some night works.   I forgot As I often do Until they rock on up   Lights flashing Music temporarily blaring Engines moaning…

A holiday night

It’s 8:24pm On a week day holiday night I’m tucked up in my newly made bed Sore feet resting up for tomorrow’s plight. They’ve been sore for a good three weeks now And they will for another few days delight With their pain and…


Why do I work all day Family in the afternoon Study for 3 hours each night? Turn out the light exhausted And promptly drift to sleep? I wonder why each night As I set up for my effort Dragging my tired brain Logging on…

She is burning

Queensland, She is burning Both on the ground and in the air. 100 plus bush fires devouring Any grass tree or gum in their paths. Up and down the coast line From Brisbane down south, To way north of Cairns, Smoke haze fills the…


We have this thing in Aus, This thing that we call Nippers And every Sunday for 6 months The beaches are crowded Aged from ankle biting To teenage sauve and sophisticated These fluro pink vested kids Jump up and run for Flags They sprint…


I have wonderful friends They are bright and kind and cheerful Spending time with them Makes my dramas fade away It is always fanastic To catch up with distant folk The ones that mean so much to me That tolerate my remotes I can…

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