Category: Spirituality

Never forgotten

“Gone but not forgotten” Such an annoying phrase Anyone who has ever lost Goes through it again and again. Of course you are not forgotten Remembered every day Unsuspecting memories cause Such a lot of pain. You go to make a phone call And… Continue Reading “Never forgotten”

The thing with Tarot

You see the thing with Tarot Is you always have to ask The right question Or you’ll get The wrong answer Tarot is a clever spirit She does not like the flippant She will not tell you the winner Of any reality TV show… Continue Reading “The thing with Tarot”

Ode to Tarot

Tarot spun ideas around “Take a leap,” Tarot screamed “You will not drown” I jumped from that cliff top I thought I would pound Into the dirt far below Down I plummeted Towards the hard ground I did not hit Instead I reached out… Continue Reading “Ode to Tarot”