Category: University life

BuCket List Item Done

My masters is complete I’ve wanted it for years It started as an MBA When I was just around ten. I made it through my schooling My MBA far ahead I did a Bachelor of Science And I thought my dream was dead I… Continue Reading “BuCket List Item Done”

Sadness settles in

The day is cool Jumpers warm I cannot afford the heater The night grows tired As do I Yet I cannot afford a dinner The bank balance is on empty Seven days til I get paid Not enough money to pay the bills I… Continue Reading “Sadness settles in”


The leap to study is quite daunting For those who have not done it before. Give up your income Give up your job Spend 4 years not working much at all Give up your weekends Reading peer reviewed articles Try not to sleep through… Continue Reading “Graduating”

A holiday night

It’s 8:24pm On a week day holiday night I’m tucked up in my newly made bed Sore feet resting up for tomorrow’s plight. They’ve been sore for a good three weeks now And they will for another few days delight With their pain and… Continue Reading “A holiday night”


Why do I work all day Family in the afternoon Study for 3 hours each night? Turn out the light exhausted And promptly drift to sleep? I wonder why each night As I set up for my effort Dragging my tired brain Logging on… Continue Reading “Wonder”