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The things students say and a teacher’s response

Okay so technically this is not a story, but it’s the end of the school year in Australia and I’m end of year tired.  Thus things students say and how I would like to respond. Things students say and how this teacher responds  

What about the teachers?

I work with and have worked with some of the most amazing people I have ever met as a teacher.  I love the dedication and passion they have for their jobs and I admire the ones who have a good work life balance as… Continue Reading “What about the teachers?”

First days of teaching

This is a reflection of some of the stupid things I did as an innocent teacher who had no idea about the backgrounds of the students I was about to teach.  I learnt so much, mostly about how amazingly lucky I was.    Enjoy… Continue Reading “First days of teaching”

The Students no one talks about

After teaching for 10 years and an absolutely draining day of teaching for more reasons than I can count, I reflected on the more negative stories of my teaching career.  It is highly unfortnate that none of these “What about…” can be nailed done… Continue Reading “The Students no one talks about”