Category: Poetry

You have a daughter

Horrific Pain time stopped life unwanted now you lost can’t comprehend understand yet helpless your heart beats yet your son’s stopped frozen pain want to end it eating breathing It’s all irrelevant yet you have a daughter you have to live you have to… Continue Reading “You have a daughter”

Something familiar

Something familiar Speaks to my soul In a world that I am not used to. So many little things I struggle to learn To adjust and adapt each day Relief I walked into a public library I could have been back at home The… Continue Reading “Something familiar”


Dread fills my core I do not want to get out of bed I fight this feeling daily Unsure of the cause. Is it work? Is it homelife? Is it something I can’t quantify? I have felt this way for over a year When… Continue Reading “Dread”

Burnt Out

My heart starts racing I can feel the hate Hate of my workplace But not my workmates. Every day a new thing To bring the anxiety on An argument between Admin Another edict to follow. I do my best each day And appreciate the… Continue Reading “Burnt Out”

Surprised finding

I have never ever enjoyed a holiday For more than a week or two After a week to recover, of course Roll on some horrendous years Two too many deaths at work A masters of Special Education A shift – overseas no less And… Continue Reading “Surprised finding”