Category: Poetry

There are only memories now

The sunlight streams in through an open window A cool breeze follows it in The day holds promise – relax, chill out Yet a family is frozen in time. How do you handle the loss of a young one His future – a brilliant… Continue Reading “There are only memories now”

Death of the young

The world is down right crazy And death of the young – so sensless This week a young man died His life so full of promise A freak acident took his life Leaving us all so devastated. He was what I call a “Good… Continue Reading “Death of the young”

An ode to single parents

By God you are amazing I really wonder how You manage to parent children When you are alone – not in a crowd. I struggle to think of dinners Yet alone to remember to sign those notes As to making lunches Independance is my… Continue Reading “An ode to single parents”

Netflix binge

The day starts sunny But soon degrades Blue turn white to grey Wind picks up Moods descend Windows close Doors shut Trying to stay warm Distraction does not work Netflix calls

Ekka Winds

We have a show called the Ekka It’s in early August each year The show is fantastic Full of life and laughter Showbags, fashion parades, Wood chops, tent pegging Over priced goldfish to win Chickens with plumage on display Beef cattle and dairy parades… Continue Reading “Ekka Winds”

Trust the Math

Trust the math Trust the process 2 + 2 = 4 Trust the math Trust the process It’s a lack of trust That cause people to fail. Trust the math Trust the process 2+2=4 It always does It always will Yet people do not… Continue Reading “Trust the Math”

Never forgotten

“Gone but not forgotten” Such an annoying phrase Anyone who has ever lost Goes through it again and again. Of course you are not forgotten Remembered every day Unsuspecting memories cause Such a lot of pain. You go to make a phone call And… Continue Reading “Never forgotten”

Scatty vs ADHD

My brain flits there My brain flits here My brain travels to another thought I’ll start one thing And before I know it I’ve moved on to do another. I cannot seem to focus The world is much to bright A movie to watch… Continue Reading “Scatty vs ADHD”

My true heros

A hero inspires visions of grand and really strong men Of Wonder Woman and Super Girl Of capes, hammers and of big green men. Alas these are only fiction For I really wouldn’t mind A big green man or a Thor and Hammer Walking… Continue Reading “My true heros”

The door to education

The door to education is not that hard to find. Thousands of people daily Stand waiting there to guide. So why is it that some ignore it, And some struggle to acquire Then there are the ones That formal education is against. The keepers… Continue Reading “The door to education”