Category: Poetry

The perfect day to say Goodbye

Please enjoy my latest poem about final farewells, writen the day my grandfather past away. The perfect day to say Goodbye

Night time closing

Please enjoy a poem written several years ago when I lived in an incredible location where the veiws allowed you to see the night moving across the sky, lazily chasing the day time.   Night time closing

A student again

The pot sits on the shove, the flames likcking it’s bottom. It blackens up and heats and stews Arguments are not forgotten. As the day heats, so too the pot. Injustices are percieved. You said hello, or so you thought, “How’s your day?” as…

That’ll Do

A poem about new parenthood and how completely lost you can feel. That’ll Do

I Prefer –

via Daily Prompt: Prefer  A poem about my preferences (for the moment – they do tend to change) I prefer  

The Old Man

A poem for a Friday evening about my Grandfather, written quite some time ago.  He was sick and looking every bit his age and more. The Old Man

Two Straight Lines

My impressions on the first day of teaching Year 7’s in poetry. Two Straight Lines