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The Rubbish

Cultural change is challenging It really is the pits No matter if you are happy to go along with it. My workplace, it is changing Better for – I believe – the rearranging But every time they speak to us I feel like I… Continue Reading “The Rubbish”

Burnt Out

My heart starts racing I can feel the hate Hate of my workplace But not my workmates. Every day a new thing To bring the anxiety on An argument between Admin Another edict to follow. I do my best each day And appreciate the… Continue Reading “Burnt Out”

USA vs Aus School rules

I go to enrol a child in school And groan at the thought of the school handbook But as I delve into it’s pages I feel my shock and awe growing In Australia, no more a glance Weaponry is banned at school Drugs are… Continue Reading “USA vs Aus School rules”


You don’t notice These students Silently hiding Facing you In the classroom. They sit Neat and tidy Their manners On show Doing everything To hide In plain sight. They dutifully Copy down notes Make you think That they are doing The work. But inside… Continue Reading “FACELESS”

Which ones will fade

My students sometimes fade from existance My mind a swirling black hole And I assume that the same occurs to them Another teacher, years later, unremembered, unremarked. But each student I teach touches me In ways I cannot explain The quiet of the McA’s… Continue Reading “Which ones will fade”