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You don’t notice These students Silently hiding Facing you In the classroom. They sit Neat and tidy Their manners On show Doing everything To hide In plain sight. They dutifully Copy down notes Make you think That they are doing The work. But inside… Continue Reading “FACELESS”

Which ones will fade

My students sometimes fade from existance My mind a swirling black hole And I assume that the same occurs to them Another teacher, years later, unremembered, unremarked. But each student I teach touches me In ways I cannot explain The quiet of the McA’s… Continue Reading “Which ones will fade”


There is a pain inside of me And that is not what I like to admit We go about life ignoring the bad Someone else is in charge Someone else will fix it Child services Education The police The government But we lie to… Continue Reading “Perpetuates”

Trust the Math

Trust the math Trust the process 2 + 2 = 4 Trust the math Trust the process It’s a lack of trust That cause people to fail. Trust the math Trust the process 2+2=4 It always does It always will Yet people do not… Continue Reading “Trust the Math”

Parent teacher interviews

The cold seeps in It starts with my toes Sockettes and leather pumps Not sufficient foot clothes The legs are next to go Clad in blue jeans I need a walk to warm up But there are parents to be seen If I cannot… Continue Reading “Parent teacher interviews”


There is a chain that is unbroken That we struggle, all of us, to break The links are thick and solid Our only tool – the word They tell us that the word Is mightier than the sword And I guess if we chip… Continue Reading “broken”

Hidden pain

I had a student the other day One look and I knew his pain It was hidden in what he did not say He did not greet me normally Yet laugh loud with his friends A loud obnoxious tra-de-lee He entered class with excess… Continue Reading “Hidden pain”


Days come Days go Days stay the same Work Study Repeat Work Study Repeat Perhaps I should have considered The implications of my latest grand plan Sure I can study each evening 2 hours no probs peeps. ummm…… Turns out I can do Just… Continue Reading “Monotony”

too scared to live

I do not know what you hide You only show so much I can tell you are troubled I can tell you reasons why Did your mother hit you this morning? Did you actually have food at home? Did your father take your medicine… Continue Reading “too scared to live”


My day is long, yet boring, Focus – I cannot I’d rather be at home reading, Work – anything but! I have a long to do list Yet nothing is inspired I tick long box after long box Dying slowly inside.