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Thank god, I’m not teaching

Today I sent up a prayer of thanks As the skies openned And rain bucketed down. Thunder rumbled overhead And gutters overflowed. I thanked my diety of choice That I was not in a classroom. Twelve year olds are not that calm When outside… Continue Reading “Thank god, I’m not teaching”

One acronym too many

ASD ADHD ID VI PI ODD Acronyms for school HOD HOSES DP GO MAT SCI MAX ENG Is it any wonder our youth struggle to read To write, construct a sentence When everything is abbreviated In schools, the above list goes on Teachers even… Continue Reading “One acronym too many”

Unseen side of Education

There is an unseen side to Education Hidden up the back of schools Teachers work way past hard In this location Needy, needy children there. It is not the fault of those children Not the fault of anyone   Our special ed students are… Continue Reading “Unseen side of Education”

Holidays are close to ending

Holidays are close to ending School planning time I should now be spending Get it done Get it planned Get it sorted Get that blasted worksheet created The problem with all these things to do I’d much rather just go sit on the loo… Continue Reading “Holidays are close to ending”

This child

I always wonder how A child can loose themselves Work too hard Or child too lazy So many years of educating   With 3 years left And just a little time This child is working Way behind   What can be done What to… Continue Reading “This child”