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Acting Acting

I am acting in a job That the incumbent is already acting This makes me and acting acting And some days it feels like that   Apparently I’m good at acting in an acting I really love the challenge The people, students and their… Continue Reading “Acting Acting”

Breaking Bad Habits

Stuck in a rut Life comfortable Routines Systems Processes too. All of these things Make life expected Apply for a new job Something unmentioned. Never did I think I would concider this role And now I am here It’s strange the way life unfolds… Continue Reading “Breaking Bad Habits”

On Marking

My eyes blur At yet another sum One wrong But where The world undone   The beauty of a page of maths Neatly set up Pen ink pressed into the paper. The rows of order Of logic defined So clear when I teach it… Continue Reading “On Marking”


As I have my weekend lie in A thought occurs to me I have an assignment to write I have revision sheets to read I have a thousand things to do But they do not appeal to me I know that if I get… Continue Reading “Procrastination”

Better off Working

Sometimes you come across a kid Gangly, long haired and somewhat off kilter We’ve placed this otherwise normal human In, what for some, resembles antiquation. This child, by mid teens is in an adult body With adult wants and adult games. They want the… Continue Reading “Better off Working”