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Hump day

Hump day is the middle day Of whatever week you work For me it is the longest one Juniors last, are such hard work. Tired and cranky; The weekend no where near Fed up with one another, Idle annoyance in each other’s ear. They… Continue Reading “Hump day”

I don’t want to…

I am late I am late Yet still I type I don’t want to to I do not want to break up a fight I did it yesterday I settled swabbles the day before I just want a day With no conflict of sorts… Continue Reading “I don’t want to…”

Longing for snow days

Rain thumps down Wakes me from sleep Pelts over gutters Flooding yards deep I dream blissfully Of working with snow days Will the government Call in a rain day? Alas my State Is build for torrential It’s just a fact There is no potential… Continue Reading “Longing for snow days”

A typical day

Each day the same No variety to me I rise Get dressed Complete the routine Arrive at work Smile in place And greet each person At the new day. Each day and every Start like this From there, It’s typically chaos No show for… Continue Reading “A typical day”

Small gains hiding

Teaching’s hard We know the gig The prep, The delivery, And the marking. Whilst all this Takes some time The truth is that it’s easy.   Students dears, Read this well I’ve had many years of teaching; Temper tantrums Silent or loud Are simply… Continue Reading “Small gains hiding”