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Days come Days go Days stay the same Work Study Repeat Work Study Repeat Perhaps I should have considered The implications of my latest grand plan Sure I can study each evening 2 hours no probs peeps. ummm…… Turns out I can do Just… Continue Reading “Monotony”

too scared to live

I do not know what you hide You only show so much I can tell you are troubled I can tell you reasons why Did your mother hit you this morning? Did you actually have food at home? Did your father take your medicine… Continue Reading “too scared to live”


My day is long, yet boring, Focus ā€“ I cannot Iā€™d rather be at home reading, Work ā€“ anything but! I have a long to do list Yet nothing is inspired I tick long box after long box Dying slowly inside.

The power of a Parent

The power of a parent To build them up or knock them down The power of a parent To create happy human beings The power of a parent Is sometimes highly in doubt But the parent has lots of power Of that there is… Continue Reading “The power of a Parent”

A War you don’t want to win

You are dead to the world No one sees you And those who know you Don’t seem to care. You fight the world At every turn It doesn’t care One child, Lost. Battling living A war you fight But you don’t want to win… Continue Reading “A War you don’t want to win”