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I am defeated

As I sit here on a morning Before the day has really hit I am peaceful but I’m sad Thinking of the kids I’ve missed. I know I cannot do it all That I can only reach a few But I think of the… Continue Reading “I am defeated”

The ones I rarely talk of

Teaching has a heavy toll It’s one I rarely speak of. It’s not the tiredness It’s not the work load It’s certainly not my colleagues.   Teaching has a heavy toll It’s hidden behind our smiles It’s deep within our hearts Touching us deep… Continue Reading “The ones I rarely talk of”

Marry Juana

I supervised a class today They were such delightful students. All had smiles and welcome grins All had some correct equipment.   We started off our lesson fine Some writing, they had to do We then discussed the topic Good decision making.   “You… Continue Reading “Marry Juana”

Just so he can see

I am meant to be inclusive In all the teaching that I do; I am meant to remove their barriers to learning. I also like to think that I am good at what I do Unfortunately I had a realisation.   When discussing some… Continue Reading “Just so he can see”


The wind Strong, From the west Dust and heat It carries. Flares tempers At the end of year Many changes Fast approaching Comfort Pushed Out the door New comforts Yet to find Busy Pressure Mounts Students erupt Feeding off tension Or just tired. 3… Continue Reading “Tempers”

End of a school year

It’s rocking on to end of year We’re all getting a little tired The aches and pains are catching up The marking pile grows higher The last competition of the year Awards nights, arts, sports and academic The year 12 students are almost out… Continue Reading “End of a school year”


I have wonderful friends They are bright and kind and cheerful Spending time with them Makes my dramas fade away It is always fanastic To catch up with distant folk The ones that mean so much to me That tolerate my remotes I can… Continue Reading “Drained”

A story for another time

Children should be loved And cherished Their life a happy playground Their problems should be small or smaller Food always on the table Oh No! I forgot to clean my room I did not eat my veges I climbed atop the trampoline And fell… Continue Reading “A story for another time”


I know a child Not yet a teenager Of life she has seen plenty. I wish that it was fun and fairies Frollicking fancies out on prairies. Alas As I look into her eyes Past aging makeup on her face I see a child… Continue Reading “Sadness”

Me time

I work full time As a teacher The day is rarely done at 3 I then get home And get the dinner Feed the dog And finally get to w.. After I chase the kids to bed It’s time to log onto uni On… Continue Reading “Me time”