Category: The new Fit me!

My honest journey to loosing clothes sizes and gaining overall health. This is about me being held acountable to exercise and eat healthy so that I can be a kayaking nonagenarian.

59. Intentional arm work out

Still raining in good old Louisiana, on the bright side, the temperature is pleasant (even if it is ridiculously muggy for these temps).  In Brisbane, Australia, we would have the same daytime temperature but it would be dry at this time of the year. … Continue Reading “59. Intentional arm work out”

58 Arm work out

The day started slow.  For the first time in ages, I did not think of exercising when I woke up.  I thought of the massive headache I had for no apparent reason.  I took pain relief and went back to bed, only stirring when… Continue Reading “58 Arm work out”

57. Just Dance

The day started somewhat drier than it’s been.  So we started with a relatively short amble around the complex.  We did just over a mile but we weren’t going so fast as we were checking the flood levels on the lakes.  I think my… Continue Reading “57. Just Dance”

56. Furniture day

I purposely did not go for a morning walk.  Our table and chairs were arriving sometime today and I decided that I would be at home all day.  This didn’t work out well for me exercise wise.  We had a mother of a storm… Continue Reading “56. Furniture day”

55. Back at it

I decided that I would walk at least 4km (roughly 2.5 miles) around the complex today.  The actual target would be to walk for an hour, however, storms were predicted and the weather didn’t look so great for staying rain-free. Consequently, I had 2… Continue Reading “55. Back at it”