Category: The new Fit me!

My honest journey to loosing clothes sizes and gaining overall health. This is about me being held acountable to exercise and eat healthy so that I can be a kayaking nonagenarian.

93 Jogging on the treadmill

Got up this morning feeling much more energetic and headed up to the gym with my man.  I decided to check out the 5km run on the treadmill to see how far I could go.  I really need a lesson on these things. I… Continue Reading “93 Jogging on the treadmill”

91-92 Sick days

I hate it when I feel sick.  But I did, and despite trying to convince myself to exercise, nothing worked.  I walked up and down the stairs trying to convince all of me I should run them, but that was a fail.  The second… Continue Reading “91-92 Sick days”

90. Rocked it!

I had absolutely no desire to get up this morning.  I probably enjoyed too many mornings of sleep-ins, but I talked to myself sternly and dragged my lazy backside up.  In hindsight, it was my brain that was being lazy.  The desire to just… Continue Reading “90. Rocked it!”

89. Could have worked harder

I was pretty unhappy with my lacklustre effort for the last couple of days.  I know I exercised, but I had committed to really putting some serious effort into it.  Thus I dragged my husband up to the gym so that I could do… Continue Reading “89. Could have worked harder”

88. Lots of little things

Today started with a long sleep in.  It was so lovely as I have been getting up as early as I did in Australia (when I was working).  This meant, however, that it was mid-morning before we headed out on a walk.  Oh boy… Continue Reading “88. Lots of little things”