Category: The new Fit me!

My honest journey to loosing clothes sizes and gaining overall health. This is about me being held acountable to exercise and eat healthy so that I can be a kayaking nonagenarian.

9. Getting harder to do the walks

Walking to work is getting much harder.  I am bored with the journey.  It’s a nice walk but part of the appeal of walking is seeing different things.  If I next did the walk in 6 months, I would see different seasons but for… Continue Reading “9. Getting harder to do the walks”

8. Crazy times

Day 8 – Covid strikes in Brisbane = lockdowns

7. Feeling Great

Day 7 – nothing like an early morning walk in nature. I even added some attempts at jogging in.

6. No walk today

Day 6 of my fitness journey – a slower day for exercise but not in terms of how busy I am at the moment.

5. Getting back into exercise

Day 5 of my fitness and health journey – it’s been off to a horrendous start but my health is important to me.