Category: The new Fit me!

My honest journey to loosing clothes sizes and gaining overall health. This is about me being held acountable to exercise and eat healthy so that I can be a kayaking nonagenarian.

82. I did it again

If you know the song “Opps – I did it again” by Britany Spears, I am repeating the “I did it again” part quite happily – despite the weather. I started my walk about 10 minutes earlier than yesterday’s walk for no reason… Continue Reading “82. I did it again”

Day 81. Heatwave

It was an early start this morning as I figured it’s been too hot to do much later in the day (i.e. by 8:30 am) thus, I found myself up and out by 7 am this morning, planning to go to the gym.  However,… Continue Reading “Day 81. Heatwave”

Day 80

I had a rough plan to exercise today.  It’s been a couple of days since I did a decent focused workout, and I woke up, did my usual troll of facebook. As I was awake earlier than normal, I thought a walk would be… Continue Reading “Day 80”

Day 79 Covid Day

Formal exercise did not happen today.  I got a covid 19 vaccine in the morning – bright and early and stirred myself to drive. Usually I’ve been letting others do that for me 😊.  The day got busy from there with lots of errands… Continue Reading “Day 79 Covid Day”

78 Big day of jobs

I started the day off, planning to get out of bed much earlier to walk when the shade was maximum and the sun not quite so vicious.  Unfortunately, the day before, I’d had an afternoon nap – I don’t plan afternoon naps, but I… Continue Reading “78 Big day of jobs”