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Introverts like me

It’s easier to read Than start a new life somewhere else To borrow a fictitious world With friendships all established. It’s easier to read Then to get into my head To write what I want to write The characters take work. It’s easier to… Continue Reading “Introverts like me”

Breaks again

There are days I cannot handle The stories just repeat Students with disabilities So damned hard to teach. I am not talking adds and multiplies Or the ins and outs of poetry I’m talking about how students know That they deserve more. These students… Continue Reading “Breaks again”

Fruitlessly attempting to study

I drift off to dream land Yet another time I started to study The readings were dry My head jerks awake As it falls on my chest My eyes blink excessively Fruitlessly at best I attempt again To read academic scripts But the deep… Continue Reading “Fruitlessly attempting to study”


When cleaning out the house There are many treasures to behold Long forgotten memories Helping to shape the future mould.

Insidious Weed

Insidious weed Come to stay Invaded the place In just one day.