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Today I took a wandering Through skyscrapers most tall And found life in the alleys. There were the worker ants Bustling off to work. Bus and lorry drivers Honking at their passing There were the pedestrians Heading home Hot coffees encased in foam Exercisers…

Summer prepping

I’m fortunate where I live That winter is not too cold For about this time every year It’s a swimming I will go. I have to get back in shape And swim some decent ks Kilometer after kilometer In winter’s cool embrace. For come…

The irony of Iron

I attempt to eat quite healthily It doesn’t always work. The body acts quite stealthily And some unseen issues lerk. I take myself off to the Doc To get poked and prodded Four blood tests later and and what a knock, My thyroid’s fine,…

A mite bit cold

My nose feels like an ice brick My fingers seem to creak My toes could freeze a lunatic It’s feeling a mite bit cold here The heat just seems to leak Straight out through the timber floorboards To the breeze blowing beneath My house…

Back to study

I’ve started back at uni A masters to complete I could be rather busy Course deadlines now to meet This means I won’t be writing Quite as much as up to now.  

Health Challenge update

I confess the days are all as one And I no longer know what day I am on. I have been not quite so as good Imbiling in some anti-imflamatory red wine. A slice of cake, my daughter made A smigen of that caramel…

Thanks Patty

Trying too hard Hanging on too tight Won’t save you the heartache The pain at midnight. She’ll walk out regardless It’s not about you She has places to go She has things to do. The longing, the craving Get ahold of yourself Stop being…

Amber and the town of Bright 16

For the story so far, click here Amber made a snort. “Fucking idiots.” “I got my story from Colin.  He’s only once removed from the source,” Roxy said wisely. “So after that, I packed Amber upstairs because I knew she wasn’t going to leave…

Daily Prompt: Patina

Green patinas mark the surface Hiding copper underneath The pure pale orange tones The metal that glissens That conducts our electricity Yet it is hidden under plastic or patina Its age unknown Is this like humans Hiding under our skin Can we ever really…

Amber and the Town of Bright

I’d like to introduce Amber and my next novella to you.  She’s youngish and had a hard childhood growing up as a ward of the state.  She was not one of the lucky ones who stayed with the one family for years, but she…

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