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Breaks again

There are days I cannot handle The stories just repeat Students with disabilities So damned hard to teach. I am not talking adds and multiplies Or the ins and outs of poetry I’m talking about how students know That they deserve more. These students… Continue Reading “Breaks again”

Fruitlessly attempting to study

I drift off to dream land Yet another time I started to study The readings were dry My head jerks awake As it falls on my chest My eyes blink excessively Fruitlessly at best I attempt again To read academic scripts But the deep… Continue Reading “Fruitlessly attempting to study”


When cleaning out the house There are many treasures to behold Long forgotten memories Helping to shape the future mould.

Insidious Weed

Insidious weed Come to stay Invaded the place In just one day.

World on Repeat

Rush Hush Rush Hush Rush Hush B r e a t h e Stop Collect And Repeat Rush Hush Rush Hush Rush Hush B r e a t h e The world repeats In fin ite ly

Parting Ways

The desk is overflowing The drawers are long stuck closed The roll top is a holder For horders to behold. Alas the end is coming That paperwork must die Sent to the cross cut shreder Then to the compost bin to lie.

The victory of the Legs

I am a haphazard creature I exercise some days; Some days a walk Some days an almost jog Some days hiding out at home – pretending weights This day I amble along quite rapidly A bit faster than my normal speed. Hill Number 1… Continue Reading “The victory of the Legs”


I lie in bed waiting Waiting to get the time To go for a jog, a run, a walk But instead I lie in bed. The weather will be hotter later I’ll walk this afternoon Get your backside up and shoes on I’ll do… Continue Reading “Excuses”


Today I took a wandering Through skyscrapers most tall And found life in the alleys. There were the worker ants Bustling off to work. Bus and lorry drivers Honking at their passing There were the pedestrians Heading home Hot coffees encased in foam Exercisers… Continue Reading “Skyscrapers”

Summer prepping

I’m fortunate where I live That winter is not too cold For about this time every year It’s a swimming I will go. I have to get back in shape And swim some decent ks Kilometer after kilometer In winter’s cool embrace. For come… Continue Reading “Summer prepping”