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Putting up a fight

A hazy cloudy afternoon The eyes are drooping It’ll be bedtime, not a moment too soon. Children playing A world awaits The mind explodes Or the eyes close A quiet spot A laptop plugged in An open WORD document Just waiting to begin The… Continue Reading “Putting up a fight”

Amber and the Town of Bright 8

Sorry for the long delay.  Hopefully I will be a little more regular with publishing Amber’s story in future.  Happy Reading For the story so far… Click here Amber took yet another load of rubbish to dump in her ute for her early morning… Continue Reading “Amber and the Town of Bright 8”

“My name is Keegan and” Starter sentence please

Remember to get your ideas for the starting sentence of the next section of the story “My name is Keegan”. The sentence must start with “My name is Keegan and…” Keegan is a 17 year old who’s father was murdered, mother is dead and… Continue Reading ““My name is Keegan and” Starter sentence please”