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249 or so Poems I have self published I no longer use the daily prompts My mornings are too busy So now I find a block of time And tap away at the keyboard. Dreary days work the best For poetry to flow from… Continue Reading “Ideas”

I’ve taken the plunge

I did it I’ve done What for me is an amazing thing I’ve taken the plunge I’ve submitted a blog For publishment and payment Now the wait has begun In this world of the instant I will be forced to wait Success I will… Continue Reading “I’ve taken the plunge”

A writer’s love

Grammerly, a writer’s love I love the tool I am such a grammer fool What would we do without these loves These spelling checkers and comma doves I use the beast and hope it’s right I do not know ; vs , I do… Continue Reading “A writer’s love”

An almost requiem

I love my failing laptops The keys are placed just right The space bar has a dint in it I guess I use it too much each night I love the keypad to the side The screen size is about perfect It’s just a… Continue Reading “An almost requiem”

Tired Eyes

I wonder why eyes get tired Tired of looking out Tired of seeing Tired of observing Tired of life no doubt Tired eyes reflect back at me Although it is only early Too early to bed Too early to rise Why give out on… Continue Reading “Tired Eyes”

Avoiding Editing

Editing going slow right now I really don’t have the puff I lack the zap and zim and vigor I simply don’t give a stuff. I’m back at work today And at the moment, quite happy to go. For it gets me out of… Continue Reading “Avoiding Editing”

Ode to the Edit

Where do you use a comma? How are speech marks done? What about when someone thinks Their own thoughts to themselves? Perhaps sleeping in English All those many years ago Was not the wisest thing to do How I wish now, it was not… Continue Reading “Ode to the Edit”

April’s a editing

I have a shameful secret Writing I do just great But editing is not my strength I’d rather eat a gate! I have a novel Mostly finished It’s sat for a month shy of the year Not because I don’t like it But because… Continue Reading “April’s a editing”


Writing should not be a formula Writing should be freedom. So why can you analyse, Mathematically ? Why can you predict the plot? Why does formula sell so well? Why do we all seem to want, The hero or heroine The villian reluctant or… Continue Reading “Originality?”

Amber and the Town of Bright 17

for the story so far, click here “Ambs are you up there,” Roxy called out from the bottom of the stairs. “Oh shit was I meant to pick you up,” Amber bolted out of her chair and turned. “Nah I walked home.” Roxy stuck… Continue Reading “Amber and the Town of Bright 17”