Indy and the Control Freak 13

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Indy and the Control Freak 

“Fuuuuck,” I swore. Everywhere there was carnage.  From the entrance, I could see most of the rooms downstairs. The walls were spray painted in pink

and black.  I couldn’t make out what the words said.  Don’t think I wanted to anyway. I could see that the kitchen had also been trashed.  How the hell had the neighbors not heard that?

I stepped over something from the fridge that was now in my hallway and looked in the living room.  It was beyond repair.  The sofa was shredded.  The TV had been spray painted in hot pink marking paint.  A small side table that I had picked up for free and restored had two legs broken in different places.

“I don’t know Sweet pea but at a guess, I’d say someone hates you,” Alastair looked me up and down.

“Ya think,” Sam walked in and clipped his brother at the back of the head, “How are you going,” he asked me with concern, wrapping his arms around me for a hug.

I offered a small smile, but I wasn’t sure what came out.  Then I breathed deeply.  It was only stuff.  I didn’t have much. The only thing I had paid for in the entire townhouse furniture wise was the entertainment system and a couple of kitchen things which I had picked up very cheaply.

Matt entered the room.

“Upstairs is much the same.  Detective Dickhead wants you to make sure nothing is missing and then we can get a crime scene company in to clean up.”

“I’ll do the cleaning myself.  Go get me some garbage bags,” I ordered my brother, “and check in on Beth,” I added, glaring at him. I hope this translated to get the fuck out of my road.  I was starting to get angry.  But I knew how to handle it now, how to turn it towards productive and Alastair was right, cleaning up was, in one way, allowing me to grieve for all that had just been stolen from me.  Sam draped his arm around me again and I threw it off.  He gave me a strange look.

“Nothing here is worth keeping,” I exited the room with purpose.

“Let her get on with it gents,” Alastair stated, his British accent sounded very posh.

“Who was that crime scene cleaner that that business used?”  I heard Matt asked Sam.

“Matt, she may be your little sister and you and I both want to protect her, but she’s been through so much on her own.  If she wants to do it herself, then let her.”  I gave Sam a mental cheer, brownie points for him.

Upstairs there was more mess.  But only because I had more stuff up here.  Not a lot more, just more that was easily damaged.  It was a three bedroom townhouse and again, I had just started to feel confident to start building a nest.

My study – little more than a repaired desk with an old laptop stood in ruins.  It wouldn’t have been hard to break, I thought randomly.  The few other things in the room, a couple of books and some files on the house were torn and scattered.

I walked into the room next door, my bedroom – everything that could be damaged was.  My clothes had been cut, my shoes sprayed with paint.  I guess I had some major shopping to do, seeing as I owned just one dress, one set of underwear and one pair of shoes, none of it particularly worthy of wearing to work.

Sam came up and wrapped his arms around me.

“If you were insured, you should be able to get something back for all of this.”

“Except,” I stated.  “I am not insured.”

“Damn it, Indiana.” He exploded.

“Don’t you damn it me, Sam.  I have goals and dreams and every damn penny I spend, I sit and I consider.  The furniture in this place is worth about $200.  Most of it I picked up off sidewalk pick up days.  The laptop and my clothes are worth more but it is all just stuff and I survived on very little for a very long time.  I will get over this.  Perhaps you should concentrate on catching the fuck head that did this to me.”

Sam held me again.  “Sorry,” he took a big breath, “I know you are very driven and I know why but you are 26 years old.  You need something decent.  Then you need to get insurance. Matt just told Detective Dickwad that nothing was missing.”

“I don’t think there is.  I have a backup of my hard drive at work.”

“You do,” Sam sounded surprised.

“I may be a complete flake and do idiotic things Sam,” I made him grumble and he kissed my neck.  “But I am not completely idiotic.  Besides, that piece of shit laptop was about to be replaced.  It crashed all the time.  And a backup is no good if you store it on site.”  Sam rewarded me with another nuzzle.

“I quite enjoy the flake, makes me feel like you need looking after and I am just the man for it.”

“Well just the man for it, there is nothing here worth keeping.  Why don’t you go and organize a dump truck or something because if I have to redecorate my house, I am going to do it properly.”

“Umm, maybe,” he was trying to stall, for what I didn’t know and I didn’t care. I was going to get the place cleaned out.

“Organise a skip bin, Sam. There are still some daylight hours left,” I shoved Sam out the door and headed into the bathroom.  It was awful.  “Get some gloves and bleach,” I shouted after him, trying not to gag. I shut the door and headed quickly him downstairs.  I headed out to the police car where the officer was speaking on his mobile phone.

He saw me and hung up the phone.

“You can clean up whenever you like.  Our crime scene boys have already been.  In the next couple of days, you need to make a full statement to the police.  It is better to do it sooner rather than later, but in cases like these, well, to be honest, your brother and boyfriend will get better results than we can.  The perpetrator wore gloves and DNA takes months to get back from a scene.”

“What about the bathroom?” I asked him.

“To be honest, the techies have taken samples but it looks to be an animal, perhaps a dog.”

“Thanks,” I said returning to the house.  The man took the crime scene tape down behind him got in his car and drove away.

“Boys,” I addressed the four men. “This is the plan.  I want one of you to go back to Matt’s and sort out dinner for Beth.”  I glared at them.  Rom took the bait.  “Matt can drop you off there soon.  Now my place is trashed and given the lack of value in all of my stuff, I am going to get rid of it all.  There is nothing in here that cannot be replaced.  Matt, did you find garbage bags. ”

“No. Indy, we can get someone in to do this.” Matt protested.

“No, I can’t.  You know that last time my entire life was turned upside down, someone stepped in to look after all of it.  I, not that I was prepared for it, was allowed to do nothing more than turn up to the funeral.  I need to get over this as soon as possible.  I am not going back to the teenager I was Matt.  Get some bags and get some cleaning supplies for me.  Sam, organize waste removal.  Alastair,” I smiled sweetly at him.

“Yes Sweet pea,” he replied.  He was so damn cute.

“You and I are going to start by lugging as much of the large stuff out the front as possible.  You do know the best way to get over jet lag is to ignore it,” I suggested.  He rewarded me with a laugh.

“Oh Sweet pea, I’m just going to love you.  You must let me go shopping with you.  I do love to shop,” and with that, Alastair completely managed to make his brother and mine redundant. He dragged me inside and then he nodded to one end of the sofa and I took the other.  We staggered with it outside.  Well, I staggered. Ex green berets did not stagger, too much muscle in all the right places. Perhaps I should join a gym.

Thirty minutes later most of my furniture was in the front courtyard and a large skip turned up. Matt had returned and I was relegated to picking up the scraps of my life.  I promised myself I would think about it later.  At some stage, cell phones rang.  I ignored them, concentrating on the mindless task of picking up my shredded life and adding it to the growing hill of garbage in the skip.

Finally, I entered the bathroom.  This was the bit I was dreading because the bastard had sprayed my walls with urine and feces.  I gloved up and quickly as I could double bagged all the stuff on the floor.  Then I liberally sprayed everything with bleach.  Shutting the door, I left the bleach to kill everything.  The upstairs was rubbish free now, nothing a good vacuum wouldn’t fix.  I wasn’t sure that I wanted to live in the place again, but it was only a house.  It was not the house’s fault someone had targeted me.

I walked into the bedroom and studied the floor.  Perhaps vacuuming wouldn’t help much.  The little shit had broken deodorant bottles over the floor covering. I sank down in the doorway for a few minutes.  I didn’t have contents insurance but the bank wouldn’t lend me anything without household insurance.  Would they pay for replacement carpets?  Sam still had my phone.  Perhaps I could borrow his and call the insurance company.

The scent of bleach wafted out from under the bathroom door. I went downstairs and filled a bucket with hot water.

“You want some help with that,” Alastair asked me.  I handed him a second bucket.

“Keep the hot water coming,” I ordered him.  Then I took mine and headed upstairs.  I put a fresh pair of gloves on opened the door.  Bleach hit me full force and I gagged.  But it wasn’t going to get done without some serious elbow action.  I dumped the bucket over the shower head and hose, I scrubbed them and then started hosing out the shower.

“Some people are just plain sick,” Alastair commented. I scrubbed the shower until it gleamed.  Then I started on the rest of the walls.

By the time I was done, the boys had undercoated the walls downstairs and had started in the bedroom.

“You can decide on the color later Indy,” Matt said.  He seemed calmer now, I certainly was.

“Perhaps we should rip up the carpet,” I stated.  Matt rolled his eyes.  “Well there is room in the skip,” I continued.

“Tomorrow, you need to get back to Beth’s, find a change of clothes and then we are taking Alastair and Rom with us,” Sam ordered.  “You have to go to the Police and give your report.

I nodded.  I was shattered and going numb. “I’ll have to go shopping tomorrow,” I commented almost to myself.

“Yea, Sweet pea, I want to come,” Alastair was so excited that I had to smile.

“I don’t go to the designer shops, I shop cheap.”  I smiled indulgently.

“Oooh, Op shopping, a challenge.  I love it.”  I had to hand it to Alastair, you couldn’t put him down.  He was like an excited big puppy.  “Come on,” he pulled me out of the house.  “The boys can rip the carpet up tomorrow if you want and we can shop.”

“The boys,” Samuel spoke firmly.  It felt really good for Sam to speak to me like that. “The boys are going to finish undercoating and do some work.  There will be no carpet ripping up tomorrow, perhaps in a couple of days.”  There was no arguing and I was so surprised that I felt anything that I went over to him and kissed him passionately.

“Keep it for the bedroom,” my brother stated when we finally broke apart.

Indy and the Control Freak 14


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