Indy and the Control Freak 14

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Indy and the Control Freak

“So,” Beth demanded when I got to their house.  I showered and changed into yet another pair of her pre-maternity clothes. “What was the go, who are we hunting, details.”

“I don’t know any details.  How is Sammy?”

“Sammy sleeps a lot.  I’ve had a sleep and I am bored.  I was going to cook but then Rom turned back up and ordered me out of my kitchen. Indy, you have some serious talking to do.”

“I don’t know anything.” I protested as the smell of Lemon scented Roast Chicken moved on the airwaves.  It was like we all paused and just absorbed the scent of something wonderful.

The boys showered.  Beth pressed me for details which I didn’t answer.

And that was it.  I showered and then we sat down to eat Rom’s Roast Chicken.

“I can’t understand why you Americans don’t cook good food.  All this packaged stuff,” the cook commented.

“Because then you’d have nothing to do over here,” Alastair gave him a gentle fondle on the backside.  Rom rolled his eyes.

“I tracked the location of the burn phones and the registration of the car that stopped near Indy last night,” Rom stated calmly like it was nothing. My anxiety levels spiked.  I started jiggling in my chair.

“And,” Sam asked.

“And they all originated from the same 4 cell radius, near Indy’s house.  Most likely the stalker hangs out near there.  The license plates were stolen but there are several cameras that are located in the area.  I am attempting to pull up a good picture of him but the bandwidth here isn’t good enough.  I can do some rendering but the laptop I brought over isn’t a particularly good one.”

Alastair chuckled.  “Daddy Oh here as more computers than anyone can possibly use at the one time.  He brought an old one cause he didn’t think he would be working.”

“Bandwidth at my house is better,” Sam said.  “You don’t happen to want a job do you?”  He asked Rom.

“We’re just on holidays for a while.  I still have a job to go back to.”

“What is it,” Matt asked.  I enjoyed just sitting back.  Beth placed my nephew in my arms.  It felt nice to hold a little baby even if I was nervous.  Little Sam was soft and smelt nice.

“I work for the Department of Defence as a coding specialist.”

“That’s just fancy for saying he’s a government hacker,” Alastair grinned at him.

“If you ever want a job, we can’t pay much at the moment, it’s a growing business but we will find some suitable deal,” Matt continued.

“What exactly do you do,” I asked Matt. I’d never been interested before.

“We’re a corporate security firm,” Matt answered with the standard line.

“Idiot,” Beth said. “She wants to know what we do.” It was Beth’s turn to gently clip Matt behind his head, “What we do,” she continued without missing a beat. “Is devise and test corporate building security, providing consultancy and sometimes other services to businesses.  At the moment we have about three clients.  Matt looks after one, Samuel another and I look after the third although Matt and Samuel are sharing that one at the moment. We have another two clients in the wings and we have another person we are looking at hiring to manage them.  Did anyone think of giving Ghost a call?”

Beth looked at Matt and Sam and shook her head.  “He’s good in a tight spot boys, we could get him up to watch Indy.  She’d never even know he was there.”

“We can’t afford to pay him for a job that doesn’t bring in any money,” Matt responded. “I’ll watch Indy.”

“Indy doesn’t want watching.” I interjected.

Beth ignored me.  “You have to pander to me,” Beth continued.  “Ghost owes me a favor; he’d do it just because he loves me.” She grinned wickedly at her husband.  He glared at her; Sam and I both burst out laughing.  “Look, you boys don’t know Ghost as well as I do. The expansion we are looking at will see us able to handle bigger jobs and to do that we need to bring on Ghost as soon as possible.”  Beth stifled a yawn.  “We are a three-way partnership and if we are guarding Indy, that dramatically reduces our ability to service our other clients.  Not to mention the paperwork that you two have not been doing. We could use another couple of staff.  You want a job Indy?”

“Indy?”  Matt exploded.

“Yes,” his wife leveled through another yawn.  “Your sister, if you hadn’t noticed has been promoted from Administration Officer 1 to 3 in three years and is in line for promotion again.  This tells me that she has good organizational skills.  We could use someone to handle administration.”

“I’m good I don’t need a job,” I stated rapidly.  I didn’t want to cause an argument. “I’m okay where I am.”  I didn’t want to work with Matt.  I still found it hard being in the same room with him for long periods of time.

“When you get bored of what you do,” Beth stared her brother down.

Here’s the thing, Matt and I had a lot to work through. I hated, although I understood now, the fact that he lived in ignorant bliss that our parents were dead for three weeks.  Then, I hated the fact that he couldn’t make it to the funeral.  Then I hated the fact that he was called back to work after only spending the week with me and me ended up back in the crapola school that I had hated before my parents had died.  Oh, and the whole riding in on a big white horse to want to pick me up from the gutter, yeah, it hadn’t worked so well.  Not sure I wanted to work with him, ever!

“I’m getting some space,” I announced and headed towards the front door.

“Let’s go,” Sam pulled his keys out of his pocket.

I placed my hand on his chest, open, like the universal stop sign. “By myself.” I retorted.

“You have a stalker.”  He spoke in disbelief.

“I have a stalker, but he doesn’t know where I am.  You removed the bug.”

“He could be tracking your phone,” Sam argued.

“Hand me the phone, Sweet pea,” Rom ordered in such a way that it sounded more like a firm suggestion. I handed over the phone and Rom did some fiddling with the settings.  Beth disappeared for a moment and came back with Baby Sam and something else.

“This here is a tracking device.  Put it in your bra for now.  Stay in the neighborhood.” Beth responded.

“I’ve increased the security of your phone.  Now we can track you.  If you are grabbed.  Do not turn off your phone.  It will take the stalker a good hour to hack your phone, and that buys us time.  Your phone accesses as normal but if you get the opportunity, tap this icon twice,” Rom showed me an icon that looked like a game, “This will trigger audio and video recording, sending it automatically to Alastair’s and my phone. Not perfect but it will give you some quiet time from everything.”

Matt and Sam glared.

“I am used to being alone boys.  I need my space.  I’m going to go somewhere to think, not off the rails. You are not to follow me.”

“That is not happening.” Sam all but stomped his feet.  “You can have your space, but I am following you from a distance.”

I did not respond instead I headed out of the door, turning right down the street.  The men in my life had a strong ability to make me mad.  People just couldn’t waltz into my life because they were available.  I had a stalker, I’d deal with it, just the same as I had dealt with issues when I was getting clean.  I’d find someone to help, I’d…

It did not matter, I had people to help me and they were.  I just did not have to like the way they did it.

Indy and the Control Freak 15


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