Indy and the Control Freak 19

for the story so far

Indy and the Control Freak

We were sitting at my brother’s office.  It was fairly sterile and could use a little something.

“Don’t look at me,” Beth glared at me.  “I don’t decorate.”

“Well at least get some indoor plants or something.” I retorted I am pretty sure I had bags under my eyes.  The police had interviewed me for a couple of hours at my workplace and it would have been nice for them to go easy on me.  I was in a related field, but they did not.  Now I was at the office, sitting in what Beth, Matt, and Sam had joked was their ready room.

Beth was feeding young Sam.  Alastair was going through something and Rom was looking at some files on his laptop.

“I cloned the stalker’s phone when he was being held in the police car,” Rom stated.  “Alastair, honey, go get Sam.

Sam came into the room a few seconds later, trailing Ghost and Matt.

“Indy might be able to identify her stalker,”  Romy announced.  My ears perked up and everyone except for baby Sammy looked at Romy.

“Okay so I cloned the toser’s phone whilst the police were doing their paperwork.  I’ve hacked into it and I can access his files.  He has a heap of photos from Afganistan.

“Are you up to looking at the photos Indy,” Matt asked.  His voice overlayed with concern.

I stood, too tired to do much at the moment and moved over to Rom, sitting down beside him.

He scrolled through the photos, headshot, group shot, selfie type photos that were blurry.  The conditions were almost always the same, yellow-brown sandy dirt, dry with any evidence of vegetation.  Except for one photo.  It showed Afganistan in springtime.  The landscape was green, the hills rolling, it looked amazing.  It also showed a couple, a woman who looked like me but in Afghani clothing minus any head covering, and it showed a man, obviously besotted with her.  Someone else must have taken the photo.  It was Jay, but it wasn’t Jay.  The eyes were Jay’s.  The rest of the face belonged to someone at my school.

“Gerard Gothenburg.” I announced.

Rom nodded then grabbed another laptop and jiggled his knee as he waited for his computer to connect to whatever he wanted.  The four other military types in the room were equally tense.  Rom typed in the name.

“Gerard Gothenburg – did four tours in Afghanistan before being dishonorably discharged for the suspected rape and murder of several women over there.  He is currently suffering from severe PTSD.  There is a warrant out for his arrest on suspicion of the rape of two women here.  Shit Indy, they look just like you,” he tried to show me the photos of the women but I pushed the computer away.

“I’ll tell the police we have identified him and then, Indy, we’re going home,” Sam announced.


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