Indy and the Control Freak 4

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Indy and the Control Freak

Sam stifled his groan as best as possible.  He avoided helping Indy for a reason and that reason was that he was a sucker for a damsel in distress.  It was part of his upbringing and he’d tried to ditch it, but his father had instilled in him long ago that he should always be a gentleman.  Stuffed up British prick, Sam muttered so softly that Indy showed no signs of hearing.  He closed his eyes hoping the image of Indy in her almost see-through clothing would disappear. It did not work.

Why the hell had he kissed her?  He stormed off to grab a couple of towels from his clean laundry pile. Matt was his best friend, hell he owed the man his life, they had a business partnership, he just shouldn’t have kissed her.  You do not mess with your best mate’s sister.  It was the man code.  Shit, if he had a sister…  Sam did not finish that thought.

She’d been kissable though.  Her lips, he groaned again and reefed the towels off the top of the pile.  Her hair had been wet and dripping, tendrils dragging down the side of her face, her mascara had run a little too. She had definitely not been neat and definitely not been tidy.  He liked things neat and tidy.  He liked order, calmness, and consistency.  There was enough time for chaos on missions; there was enough chaos without inviting fluctuations from plans.  Why did Indy get to him?  She was messy.  Not in her appearance, normally she was quite well put together, aside from those random strands of hair that always seemed to escape, but she was messy.  Things from her past haunted her, she resented her brother, that Sam knew with absolute certainty.  Family gatherings, organized by Beth started well but within a couple of hours one of the siblings would, ah hell, Matt would go all big brother on Indy and Indy would leave without saying goodbye.  Indy needed to concentrate on building her life up again. She did not need Sam to control her.

Sam hit his head against the laundry wall leaving a wet patch from his hair.  Indy had hit rock bottom and he would like nothing better than to help the girl out.  But he wasn’t well put together either.  He had his demons, a family he rarely talked too, younger brothers he had left to bear the expectations of his father, a family that did not do emotions.  Indy was highly emotional and Sam didn’t know if he could allow that many emotions into his controlled existence.  He had the business to think about too.  Matt, Beth and he were looking around for more security experts to employ, letting another person into the business, even an employee was going to take some getting used to.  It was going to take his energy.

He pushed off from the laundry wall and headed back to Indy, handing her the towels.  Damn, she looked good, an icy cold drink in the Sahara, a fireplace in a snowstorm.


“Where do I put the towels,” I interrupted Sam. He had this pensive look on his face and once again I felt myself responding sexually.  He looked me up and down.  There was heat in his gaze.  Was he cataloging my figure, because I was blessed with an hourglass figure, I didn’t deserve it, I did nothing to help it and I certainly did not work out at the gym.

“You’d better have a hot shower.  I only have one bathroom operational at the moment.  It’s upstairs to the right.” He was definitely moody, and he bent to pick up the towel off the floor, ignoring me.  God damn stupid man, I was barefoot and in a see-through dress.  I moved past him, brushing up against him. He groaned and I grinned.  Seems he wasn’t immune after all.

“You are my best friend’s sister.” Sam protested.

“I am 26 years old and my own woman.”  I let up a silent cheer. I was affecting him; he closed his eyes and breathed deeply.

“I’ll drive you home.” He protested.

Pressing a button on the wall, a screen lit up and he flicked onto the weather service.  I stepped closer until I could feel his body heat.

“Oh look at that, they recommend people stay indoors in the dangerous conditions,” I said innocently.  He spun to face me, brushing against my bosom.

I stepped back involuntarily, siren, apparently, I was not. He caught me. Sam looked hungry, damn hungry and he looked like I was the only food for miles.  Shit, I wasn’t playing with fire; I was playing with a volcano.  Then his expression changed.

He let go of me as if he had been burnt.

“I’ll get you some dry clothes and a towel.  You can use the bathroom first,” Sam said, the lust I saw moments ago hidden again behind his steel grey eyes.

I followed him up a flight of stairs and into a room that was obviously his.  His bed was made neatly.  Everything was in its rightful place; the royal marine had not completely left him.  He pulled open a drawer and pulled out a pair of sweats and a top, shaking them out.

“They’ll be big enough,” I commented, “a bit like being wrapped up in a big hug,” Damn it.  That hadn’t come out right.  I didn’t want him to think he was my brother. Way to play it sexy Indy.

Samuel didn’t respond, opening another cupboard and pulling out a big fluffy bath sheet.  Go figure, he liked his luxury.

Samuel then stalked to a door and opened it, flicking on a light and a heat lamp. I followed him into the bathroom and when he turned, in the tight space, I felt his heat once more.  His eyes changed from steel to a softer blue.

“I’m a complicated man Indy.  I have certain,” but Sam stopped and closed his eyes.  He exited the bathroom rapidly, closing the door behind him.

“Fuck,” I swore softly.  I had no idea what had just happened.  Samuel was not egotistical but he was supremely confident in himself and his abilities.  He inspired trust in others.  People took one look at him and they just seemed to say, “Yep, uber confident and trustworthy,” and yet here he was so completely unsure of himself, and with me.  Me, of all people, a 26-year-old, who hadn’t even been to college. I’d lived on the streets. I’d done everything except sell myself.  I had only just gained the confidence to go bare-armed because Beth had sworn on her unborn baby that you could no longer see evidence that I had injected.

I stepped into a hot shower.

Indy and the Control Freak 5

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