Things students say and how this teacher responds

“I’m going to break my phone so Mum buys me the latest.”

Umm, not now she won’t, because I am going to dob (tell your parent) on you.  You have a perfectly decent 1 year old phone.  It makes calls, it connects to the internet, it takes decent photos and lets you play games on it.  You don’t need a new one.

“I don’t have a pen.”

Your parents brought you pens last week when I rang and told them you had run out.  What you really meant to say was “I can’t be bothered finding my pen,” or “I can’t be bothered caring for anything like a pen, it’s worthless.”

“I’m not working today.”

Okay, I won’t work on the days I don’t want to.  Pretty certain your parents are going to complain, or my colleagues, or my boss.

“But you get paid to come to school?”

True, but I sat through 13 years of school plus at least 4 years of study to be told that you can’t be bothered.  Why don’t you say what you mean?  “I am too lazy to care about myself.”  What you are saying is “I don’t actually give a **** about my future.”

“Why do I need this,”

I love this question.  I don’t have a clue exactly how you are going to use everything you learn but I do know that it’s about the skills you learn not about the content.  Millions of people will never solve an algebraic equation again, ever, once they graduate school, but they will use the logic skills they learnt whilst doing it.  They might not have a clue they are doing that, but they will do it.

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