My mother’s Hug

My daughter, she was sad one day

Her Grandma passed away

Taken from us slowly

Many years, many days.


We wrapped my girl in open arms

And closed them tight about her

And when the time came to step away

Her father’s jumper it was located.


We dressed her in that massive thing

And told her about its hug

Now every time she puts it on

She’s enveloped in loving comfort

Feeling all that safety

That a parent’s hug does bring.


My mother made a quilt one day

Especially for me.   

Not for any other sister

Not for any other one.


This quilt is my most treasured item

In yellows, greens, and blues

She wove them together, intricately

Waving patterns, flowing, moving.


My Son, he sees a flower. 

Myself, geometry.

Regardless of our points of view,

Every time I use that quilt,

I am in my mother’s arms,

My mother’s hug for eternity.



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