My name is Keegan … 3

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My name is Keegan – Prologue

My name is Keegan and I am dead.  Okay so not yet, but the thumping in my ears prevented me from hearing the creature that was chasing me, and my eyes were weird.  End of life weird.

Fifteen minutes ago I was concerned that the thing chasing me was male.  Now, I wasn’t even sure it was human.  I needed to stop, my energy reserves were flagging, but this thing didn’t let up.  Sometimes I had heard two distinct feet, sometimes four.  Once I thought I had noticed so many feet that I couldn’t even count.  This was harder running that scoring a try in league at school.

I darted into a barely noticeable doorway and headed down the stairs.  It should have been dark but I could currently see everything with a weird green glow, like night vision goggles, which was odd because I’d left my mates at the movies with nothing other than my wallet and phone.

I parkoured myself down a level, landing like a cat and rolled under the stair landing.  Four feet sounded on the metal stairs, loud enough to intrude into my pounding ears.  Damn it.

“We are at the exits.  You have nowhere to go Keegan.”

What the fuck.  I risked a look up.  A man was crouched down on the landing, four paws splayed.  He rose, his paws morphing back into hands.  I shook my head but the image was still there.  Overlayed was the image of my father, his heart ripped out of him.

Whoa, double fuck.  I shuffled sideways and into a spot where I could stand.  I stood and bolted again, but too slowly.  I thumped into a wall of muscle.

“Slow down and breath Keegan.”  The man who spoke, the wall of muscle, his breathing was barely rushed. Had he even been chasing me?  Oh man, I was confused.  I backed away as far as I could, wondering if I could run again.  There was movement out of my left and right eyes.  No hope there.  Could I go under again?

No, the paw man was there.  He breathed slightly heavier than the man thing in front of me and started to speak.

“That was a decent run for someone who hasn’t morphed yet.” Paw man said.  Who the hell were these men?

“Perhaps we should discuss this somewhere less threatening.  I believe coffee is an appropriate beverage in this world.” Solid muscle man said.

Where the fuck were these people from?  Coffee, this world. God, I needed to think.

“I am not going anywhere with you lot,” I panted, trying my best not too.

“Honestly Kid, if we’d wanted to kill you, we would have done that 20 minutes ago,” Paw Man said.

I think I growled.  Kid, I hadn’t been a kid for a very long time.

Muscle man stepped back a little, revealing the exit to the basement I was in.  I moved forward, having little chance to move any other way.

Two men were waiting outside should I want to run.  It was a well-lit alley and my vision returned to something like normal.  Guess that wasn’t going to kill me at the moment.  Green glowing people and paws were a bit much.  As to the kill statement, visions of Dad kept flicking into my brain.  Oh God.

A group of people were crossing the alley entrance.  Their laughter echoed down into the long narrow space and a man beside me raised his hand and waved.  I scowled.

“You right mate,” someone called.

“He’s fine.  His brother busted him inside a nightclub underaged.  He’s grumpy because he paid $200 for fake ID and his brother has it now.”

The fellow who had asked laughed heartily.  “That’ll teach you.”  The crowd moved on, extra laughter now filled the space. The noise in my brain receded a little and I picked up a siren in the distance and continual laughter closer.

I narrowed my eyes, the green tinge was still at the edges, teasing me, taunting me.  I didn’t know.  Stupid eyes. Stupid ears, my ears hadn’t done anything like this in 18 months when my father had been murdered.

“Come, there is a coffee shop about 300 meters to the North.” The muscle man spoke.  He seemed to be the one in charge and he escorted me, taking me lightly by the arm.

I tried to shrug him off but he released me, not me forcing the issue, which was odd because I was actually really strong for my age.  I played in the Open League team at the school, I was being scouted by professional teams, but I had more important things to do.  The only thing I wanted from my football at the moment was a scholarship to the university, and I only wanted that for access to their libraries.  I was strong. When I tackled, the opposition went down.  I was also fast, capable of outrunning anyone from one end of the field to the other in a game, but yet he had released me.

“Smile, you are not in danger from us,” Bossman, I renamed him in my head, attempted a conversation with me.  I shrugged.  I did not know who these men were, only that they were not human and they could outrun me.

“That was a good run you gave me.  Pity you can’t outpace a four paw.”

“Yet you took ages to catch me,” I snarled, surprised at how animalistic my language sounded.

Paw man laughed. “On two feet you are faster and I could not mutate in public.  You must get your speed from your father.  He is incredibly fast.”

“He may have been but he is dead.” I fumed.

“He’s,” Paw man was silenced with a stern glare.

“Not here,” Boss man stated through clenched teeth.  He was rigid.  His eyes were starting to get wider, rounder and more yellow, his nose starting to flatten out.

“Tor,” Paw man called what I assumed was Boss Man’s name.

Boss man focused momentarily on something in the distance.

“We leave now.  Take the boy.” He ordered.

I tried to run but they closed ranks around me and I dissolved.



(Thanks to a relative who wishs to remain nameless for the starter sentence for this section)

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