You just don’t hear the wind

In the desert,

You smell rain so clear,

See colors so bright,

Taste dust so thick

Feel heat so hot

You just,

Don’t hear the wind


You just,

Don’t hear the wind


It’s there, you know it

And mostly you feel it

You just can’t hear it

Ladden with dust

But yes wind is there


You just

Don’t hear the wind.


The conversation in my head

The daily conversation

Starts a little like this

“Agh I got to get out of bed.”

Then it proceeds to clutter my head

Thousands of threads

Vying for attention

Pushing one another

“Do this…”

“Say that…”

“But I want to…”

“But I have to…”

I wish to quiet these conversations

I wish to slow them down

They do so interupt me

And make me feel a clown.

I guess the day that happens

I have to wonder why

For perhaps when all these comments

End, perhaps so will I :-).

via Daily Prompt: Conversation

Why wait

Why do we wait

For something to finally arrive

Sun rises

Sun sets

This is science

A calander changes year

This is not.

It seems quite silly

To wait for a new year

To arrive

Then set our resolutions

Resolutions many will fail

Why wait until the new year

Change now

via Daily Prompt: Finally

Almost but not quite done

Almost speaks to me

As someone who is almost there

As someone who is almost done

As someone who has almost seen the sun.

Almost speaks to me


I have a life full of almosts

that I seek to end

But I sometimes wonder

When these almosts finish

Will my life be diminished?

And thus the almosts continue

Filling my life with glorious things

Almost, but not quite done.

via Daily Prompt: Almost

Childhood Memory

A cold wet day

Sleet outside my window

No chance to go outdoors

One thing to do

To snuggle

With book

Under doona

Cozy Comfort

via Daily Prompt: Cozy

My Name is Keegan … 10

Sorry for the long delay with the story “My name is Keegan”.  He’s a young adult that has had his life turned upside down by human like creatures that can morph into animals.  These creatures tell him, he’s one of them.  Today’s section finds Keegan on the Bwbachod, Issy, a creature that is capable of space flight, but also a prankster.  What will happen to Keegan on board a ship that can morph mid space flight?

Read on…       My Name is Keegan and… 10

For the start of the story   My name is Keegan – Prologue

If you wish to provide the sentence starter for the next installment, please remember to start it with “My name is Keegan…”.  Cheers

The Chaos of my hands

When the prompt sits in front of you

And your mind is going elsewhere

How do you get the words down

On the white screen of doom

I tell you, I confess

To my writer’s block answer

I swear, I cuss, I write random

Words, garbage and sometime just letters

And eventually order comes

From the chaos of my hands.




via Daily Prompt: Confess

Daily Prompt: Cherish

The traditions that I cherish

They’ve changed in recent years

And there is no way to go backwards

And there is something that I fear

I’ve loved and lost

And lost again

Such is the journey through life

But what if the world was to get stuck

And I had to have Christmas the same each year!  🙂



(I love all my Christmas traditions but I also like exploring new things and doing new things.  I think I am ready for a few very different Christmases)

via Daily Prompt: Cherish


This was meant to be about the Daily prompt of “Communal” but these are the words that came out.  Merry Christmas everyone.


I have a secret

It’s hidden well

I’d like to share

But not to dwell


For hidden deep

Inside my heart

Deep and dark

I’m not that smart


I do wonders

At hiding this

I talk and talk

But I always miss


Will I tell you

It’s a toss-up

My secret is that

I long to gossip



The introvert inside of me

The dread I feel at Christmas

The crowds that cannot be escaped

My introvert, so successfully hidden

Has nowhere to turn

Has nowhere to find an interlude

Of Quiet

Of Sereneness

Nowhere now is safe


This recluse inside of me

Puts up with many things

Of facing students all day long

Then facing children’s sports

It gets to the end of a long school year

And wants nothing more to hide


But then comes Christmas

Wam and Bam

Parties, functions and then the fam.

My introvert just wants to curl up and snuggle

A book, a pen and paper, a cup of tea, a good movie

Some take away and quiet time


So now I hang, two days before

The longest social function

Enforcing a quiet day of solitude

Content to be social only with myself.

Torn by family

We are torn

This way and that

With things

With people

With time


Do you realise dear sibling

That when you want that

You tear at my heart

You tear at my mind


Do you realise dear loved one

That when you need me

I am torn from my own



Do you realise dear parent

That no matter my love for you

When you give to me

I am torn.


My life at the moment

A balancing act

Of family, friends, finances and future


I am no different from all of the others

Busy and needing more time for me

And when I am asked for time, service or action

I am torn because I have to dig deep to find that to give.


via Daily Prompt: Torn

Amber and the Town of Bright 7

Sorry for such a long delay in installments.  At this time of year there are so many extra things to get done.  Regardless, Amber is about to finish up and get back to work.  She’s starting to realise that she is acquiring friends, but she still has major hangups about the police.  Will Maverick and Colin be able to work out why?

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