Rainy sunshine

I look outside

My screened in window

If I angle it right

The houses that surround me

Will disappear out of sight

Leaving me with only

A precious veiw of sky and trees

A breeze pushes the gum tops aimlessly

Amongst the sky of rain clouds floating free.

Dispersed amoungst the rain clouds

Scattered patches of blue do fight

And the sun lights up the cloud tops

The ones that are in sight.

It is a day of rainy sunshine

Isolated dumping drops

And then the sun will warm the ground

Humidity will be in the tops

It is a last day of summer

Two months into our autumn season

Temps are still right up there hot

This day of rainy sunshine

So typical of my sub tropics

Prevents me mowing the growing lawn

Wet grass that barely dries

Before the next down fall of rain

Comes from the sunny sky.


April’s a editing

I have a shameful secret

Writing I do just great

But editing is not my strength

I’d rather eat a gate!

I have a novel

Mostly finished

It’s sat for a month shy of the year

Not because I don’t like it

But because I have to edit

And that’s something that I hate!

So I declare old April

Is the month I sit

And get that bloody book done

Not let it sit and sit and sit.

The Job Hunt

Not as fun as Easter Hunts

But infinitely more beneficial

Is the famed of old Job Hunt



Contact details correct

Print out what must be a thousand copies.

Walk the streets

Routine down pat

Get in to see the manager

Say your greeting

Push your speil

Hand over that pristine resume

Then out the door

Hope for the next one

Endlessly walking

Endlessly talking

On the hunt to get the first job.

Passing the Spit

Chopping, churning,

Tossing swells

Ploughing through the waves

This way, that way

Water crashing

Siderails slippery when wet

Sloshing water on the deck

Hold on tight, we are a leaning

Push past the waves

Push along the swell

Past the last channel marker

Out to sea

Face swell head on

Bow up

Crash down

Bow up


Travelling through the ocean waves

Now we are past Mooloolaba Spit.


Writing should not be a formula

Writing should be freedom.

So why can you analyse,

Mathematically ?

Why can you predict the plot?

Why does formula sell so well?

Why do we all seem to want,

The hero or heroine

The villian reluctant or not

A plot where evil will be overcome?

Each formula starts off

A simple war

A simple relic

The next book

A saga greater

Then somehow someone

Saves a universe

A few faithful friends to help out.

As for the romance

Boy meets girl

Ocassionally now we meet same gender

But argument, problem, a drama ensues

Solved by the last chapter

Its what we all do.

Does originallity exist

Or are there too many options

to create unique?

A path off your track

Life is an exploration

Waiting for us each day

There’s something as simple as the weather

To as changing as the day

You might think you have it all mapped out

What road you are going to take

But wham you are side swiped now

A detour or new road is at stake

Do you try resolutely

To get back on the path

Or do you accept gracefully

A new event in your daily life?

Life is about exploring

About packing so much in

For some life is a gentle journey

A ramble through a graceful park

Others have a varying race track

That they speed along at mach.

There is nothing more perfect

Than exploring life at your own pace

The hare or the tortise

Life is your journey

Complete it how you chose

But don’t forget to take

A path off your track, or two!

via Daily Prompt: Explore

What to do!

My world is in a state of flux

Sideswiped by opportunity.

An unforseen job came up

It stole my unwavering certainty

So now I wonder what to do?

Do I stay or go or make the most of the two?

How do I work out my future study?

Where do I go, which path to take?

Should I leap into the unknown?

Should I take the most common path?

And for those who truely know me

The answer has just been found.



Needle in, needle out

Needle twirls,

Unwind it now.

Go to pattern

Find the thread

Tread the needle

Four space one

Five space space space three more stitches

This is not a very quick process

Cross stitch,

Stress reducing

Years producing

Beauty making

Work of art.

Warm woollen scarf

Hands fly

Soundlessly creating

Wool slips

Through nimble fingers

Hook manipulating

Treble, chain and then again

Turn and start a fresh

Oops mistake

What to make

I can hide that

Row after row

Four balls later






What a pleasure to use

Finished now

But what to do?

I live in the tropics

I have no need of you!


This child

I always wonder how

A child can loose themselves

Work too hard

Or child too lazy

So many years of educating


With 3 years left

And just a little time

This child is working

Way behind


What can be done

What to do

Years of helplessness

To undo


I wish the answers

Were easy to find

But I suspect

If answers were easy

This child’s solution

would have already been found


But for now

What to do

How to get this child through?