Bank Balance

It’s a dreary sort of day

A bird chirps in a tree

A car drives up the road

And I wish I could be free.

Life feels like a prison

With every day the same,

I do not forfil my dreams

Instead I follow a trodden path

Of shoulds and can’s and can’ts.

Should is quite frankly boring

And can and can’t are overrated

I’d really love to fly

To not turn up to work one day

And not give a reason why

I’d love to say no to bills

And eat Pizza breakfast, lunch and tea


I’d love to quit my job

Although I like it fine

I just want to be riducolous

And see if I could survive

To throw in all that security

And set off for worlds unfound

To have nothing more than a backpack

Laptop, and money galore

Perhaps that’s why I haven’t

Ever taken the plunge

I do not have the bank balance

To simply have that much fun.



The lure of stone and wood

Nature, at it’s best

Created stone and wood

Two completely different items

Yet similar patterns, there is no doubt.

Waves of lines

Bedding planes


Growth rings

And wood grains

Mimicking each other

Colours in light to dark

The beauty of our natural world

Really is quite stark

Take away the dirt and bark

Get to the hidden depths

And Wood verse Stone

I could not choose

Fast compared to slow

Nature’s polar opposites.


A writer’s love

Grammerly, a writer’s love

I love the tool

I am such a grammer fool

What would we do without these loves

These spelling checkers and comma doves

I use the beast and hope it’s right

I do not know ; vs ,

I do not know my i’s and t’s

I do not know my 1 2 3’s

I use these tools and love them so

What would I have done

Before, I do not know.

Putting up a fight

A hazy cloudy afternoon

The eyes are drooping

It’ll be bedtime, not a moment too soon.

Children playing

A world awaits

The mind explodes

Or the eyes close

A quiet spot

A laptop plugged in

An open WORD document

Just waiting to begin

The perfect moment

To get in and get to it

Reluctance needs banishment

The poet in me knows it.

A thousand things

To be done this afternoon

But none are pressing

None needing to be done soon.

I oft complain about having no time to write

So why when I have it, do I put up a fight?

Endless questions

I am often asking questions

And I think the reason why

Is so many parts of life

Just seem to pass me by.

If the world was just about numbers

So much more I would understand

If there were less variants in emotions

I’d really be quite glad.

I do not often socialise

In the hours after work

And the first few days of holidays

Social things I do avidly shirk.

My head is full of questions

Of what and how to behave

Of how to read the unances of people

Extroverted, bold and brave.

I’d rather sit in the corner

And watch the world go by

Just leave me to my questions

The answers I’ve yet to find.

On Dust monsters

I lay down on the bed one day

A lovely winter weekend

And took the opportunity

Just lay and let the world wash by

But much to my housewifely horror

The fan blades I did notice

And a year’s worth of collected dust

Hung down like waving monsters.

An unexpected fork

I now work in SEU

Special Education Unit

I am surprised to find myself

Immersed in this type of education

A student teacher I once was

My career path quite predictive

A few years as a classroom grunt

Then launched into Head of Department

A few years later I’d take the plunge

Into Administration

Alas a few weeks at a school

Had me concerned for the future

Deputy and Principalship

I did not want

I’d stick to pure education.

Ten years later

Classroom time is fun

But I am so over all the marking

An opportunity did pop up

In Special Education

Not once in any of my careers

Did I concider SEU an occupation –

For me.

One week in, I was in love

With this most interesting educational aspect.

And now I don’t have so much marking to do

Daily challenges and parent contacts

I quite happily sit an plot a new path

Sometime in the future

Head of Special Education 🙂


Communing with my classroom

Schools are such busy places

Even before the kids arrive

Teachers must prep and plan

Teachers must socialise

The greet “Good Morn”

The forgotten changes of plan

The unexpected fire drills

The student found dramas

The failing IT

Schools are such busy places to be

Lunch times are such a rush

There’s play ground duty

Detentions too

Your job list to get through

And don’t forget to go to the loo

Sometimes I find myself slipping out

And doing the anti-social

I find myself leaving lunch

Much sooner than I planned too

I slip unnoticed into my space

My Learning Goal I put in place

I write the todo list on the board

And then I sit and stay there

I breathe in deep

A few times more and just

Enjoy my empty classroom.

Dark Dawn Hours

The mornings are getting darker now

I really don’t want to wake;

In the dark dawn hours

I much prefer to sleep.

Alas there is this thing called work

It is not based on sunshine.

The school bell rings at 8:30am

I have to have time to prep

I live a fair way away from work

There simply are no options

Thus dark dawn hours are closing in

And Winter’s chill is creeping

It’ll be a few months of rising up

In dark and cold conditions

Conversly becasue I am perverse

I much more enjoy my sleep ins

Listening to the world awake

At 6 is much more reasonable

Than summer time when birds waking up

Slip back to 4am.

So whilst the Monday to Friday dawn

Is not the one I am liking,

Weekend wakes

Dark dawn hours

Smiles will light across my face.



Talking too much!

Parent teacher interviews

Drive fear into my heart

I have to work all day

Then at night the true work starts


I prep and plan and find kids work

I print out my appointment list

I fill up on trusty H20

To lubricate my throat


And then the doors all open up

And I am a seated teacher, ready to go

My first parent is great

I’m talking fine

They are happy to

“Great Kid” I say as they depart

Another waiting parent,

Pops into the vacated seat.


Dinner time comes

About two hours later

And I find I have a problem.

I do not want to eat the fare,

I do not want to talk.

I’ve talked all day,

And all night long,

I’ve still got an hour to go,

It’s now that I sent up a prayer

“Please God, don’t let my jaw fall off”.