Thank you to my old friends

My friends from way back in high school

Were such an accepting bunch

I have never really told them

How much this meant to me

That I could take my time outs

To do what I needed to

To study, to sit, to write,

To be my introvert.


One day after a couple of months

Of self imposed solitude

I’d pick up the old hand phone

And call them up to join

Whatever their latest adventure.

They’d welcome me back with open arms

Never questioning me nor quizzing

On why I left them hanging two long months ago.


Oh Postgraduate

I’ve always wanted a Masters

Of what, I did not care.

I’ve dreamed and looked up courses

And plotted as I dared.

Now I’ve finally started.

Two assignments in.

The joy has started to wear – a little thin.

I still quite like the study

I love reading and research

And happily I’ll type notes

Write notes


My problem is another one

Work and life get in the road

When I want to study

I have to be at work or down the road

It’s harder than I thought

Finding the time for me

To let my brain delve deeply

Into reading difficulties.


A story for another time

Children should be loved

And cherished

Their life a happy playground

Their problems should be small or smaller

Food always on the table

Oh No!

I forgot to clean my room

I did not eat my veges

I climbed atop the trampoline

And fell into my parent’s arms

All was well, I broke a bone

But love was all around me.

That’s the childhood I always knew

Until I started teaching

And even after many years

You still come across a story

That makes you ache deep in your heart

And try to help another.

Too sad the story I have to tell

To raw to let the reader know it

Perhaps one day,

With some distance

I’ll tell this young child’s tale

But not today

And not tomorrow

For this child is still living in the story

And there is no fairy tale ending.



I know a child

Not yet a teenager

Of life she has seen plenty.

I wish that it was fun and fairies

Frollicking fancies out on prairies.


As I look into her eyes

Past aging makeup on her face

I see a child who’s seen too much

Who knows nothing except

Feeling unsafe




The day is once again done

The night is quietening down

The TV’s are shut off for the night

Phone calls are all completed

People have migrated back home

After sports training and the gym is finished

Dinner prep is long since over

Dishes washed and benchs wiped

Lights are starting to twinkle out

And eye lids close to shut out light.

Brainwaves slowly slowing down

Welcome darkness does descend

To end once more, when it is bright

The day to start again.


Death slides in and out of shadows

Sometimes changing pace

A quick demise

A long slow dive

The end result the same.

Death slides in and out of lifetimes

Sometimes reaching in

You there

It’s your time to go


Get your miracle.

Death slides in and out

Tickling here and there

Death slides

Takes a hand

Does not let it go again.

Me time

I work full time

As a teacher

The day is rarely done at 3

I then get home

And get the dinner

Feed the dog

And finally get to w..

After I chase the kids to bed

It’s time to log onto uni

On line lecture done by 9

It’s now time for me.

I do the washing

I read a book

I spend a moment writing


That’s how I’d like my me time to be.

I turn out the light

And shut the eyelids

To wake and start again at 3.

The wee hours

I toss and turn

I’ve work to do

Marking maths

And writing too

I’ve got an assignment

That’s almost due

I feel like I’ve nothing

Else to do.

I toss and turn and finally give in

Plug in my computer

And the day begins

Read those articles

Found one exhausted night

Write my analysis

Everything is finally going right

Four hours later

It’s 7am

Editted and culled

My assignment is done

Now the day can begin 🙂



Days come

Days go

Days stay the same







Perhaps I should have considered

The implications of my latest grand plan

Sure I can study each evening

2 hours no probs peeps.


Turns out I can do

Just what I said

And still have time for some crafting

But my brain is so fried

By lights out each night

That I miss my nightly day dreaming.

Day dreaming works great

When the mind has time to wander

Not so when there is no time to go.

Oh well, I will simply

Keep plugging away

And the ideas will return

One winter’s day

When the study is done

And the Masters hangs proudly

Upon a wall in a future time.

The 80s soundtrack

The music goes round my head

Michael Jackson

Billy Gene

A little bit of Bill Collins thrown in


Sweet child of mine

Living on a Prayer


Come on Eileen

Beat it


Girls just want ta have fun

Burning down the house


“Do you really want to hurt me

Jack & Diane?”

“You Got it”


Wild thing

Walking on Sunshine

Walk like an Egyptian

Down Under


80s Rock

Rocks the house

The music goes round my head

Invasive and pervasive

Bopping away

Grin on my face

Jump, go ahead and jump

Into study now I go.