Amber and the Town of Bright

I’d like to introduce Amber and my next novella to you.  She’s youngish and had a hard childhood growing up as a ward of the state.  She was not one of the lucky ones who stayed with the one family for years, but she has managed to be successful despite herself.  Her quest for success has led her down the path of the “Great Australian Dream”.   Along the way there are other wards of state, overcomming fears and her own past and skeletons she doesn’t even know she has.  Please enjoy Amber’s story as she grows to realise that she is pretty amazing.

Amber and the Town of Bright


Finding Serenity

via Photo Challenge: Serene

Somerset Look out

Looking west.

The Haze hides plenty

The distance more



Some days I seek

the 13 km walk

To get to Serenity


The Dentist’s Chair

Oh boy, I really don’t like dentists.  It’s not personal, I really hate the drill.  A poem about sitting in the dentist’s chair.

The Dentist’s chair

The uses of bite

The bite of cold

The bite of teeth

The bite of an insect

The bite of the jaw

The bite of a screw in timber

To bite in response to something someone said

To bite at a hook

To eat a bite

To bite someone’s head off

To bite the dust

To bite the bullet

So many uses for such a little word.

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The things students say and a teacher’s response

Okay so technically this is not a story, but it’s the end of the school year in Australia and I’m end of year tired.  Thus things students say and how I would like to respond.

Things students say and how this teacher responds


The Faceless School

In every school there are always people who get forgotten by students, parents and sometimes even other staff.  These are all the staff that do not have consistent contact with students, yet without them the school would not run.  Enjoy your poem people.

The Faceless School

My name is Keegan …7

Keegan, his life allegedly a lie,  has been running for a long time and it’s all starting to catch up with him.  Does he go with Paw man and his boss or does he keep running, refusing to admit that their story might have some truth to it.

My name is Keegan 7

This time, I came up with the starter sentence.  Feel free to leave a starting sentence in the comments section for the next installment. 🙂

Clutching at straws

This is about how sometimes we hold on for too long.

Clutching at straws

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It must have been the Gremlins

A conversation (one sided) between a child and his/her mother.  This was a fun poem to write so I hope you enjoy.

It must have been the Gremlins


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Daily Prompt: Nest



A poem about the hazzards of nesting season in Australia.

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