A mite bit cold

My nose feels like an ice brick

My fingers seem to creak

My toes could freeze a lunatic

It’s feeling a mite bit cold here

The heat just seems to leak

Straight out through the timber floorboards

To the breeze blowing beneath

My house is built for summer

Large windows open wide

And the crawl space under the floorboards

Is big enough in which to hide

The walls are made of timber

Thin skinned and clad throughout

So on a cold and breezy winter’s night

It’s time to just plain shiver

I’m feeling a mite bit cold here

In this 12 degree C weather 🙂



Back to study

I’ve started back at uni

A masters to complete

I could be rather busy

Course deadlines now to meet

This means I won’t be writing

Quite as much as up to now.


Health Challenge update

I confess the days are all as one

And I no longer know what day I am on.

I have been not quite so as good

Imbiling in some anti-imflamatory red wine.

A slice of cake, my daughter made

A smigen of that caramel sauce

A slither of a tartlet

So I didn’t make the time line

But here’s the thing

I am not stressed

I can choose the day of the test

I just delay a few more days.



Ode to Sandstone

People love their granites

And marble countertops

They ooh and ah right over

The pretty coloured rocks.

Volcanic formations

Get more than they deserve

They’re hard and they tessalate

It’s more than I can bear.

It’s the humble sandstone

With layers of darker sand

That capture my attention

Sedimentary I stand.

This rock is soft and erodes

Quite easily you see

But the bedding planes and contours

Always inspire me.

The colours are more earthy

Muted and clear to see

I love the humble sandstone

Not the sparkly.

Updating the family tree

My mother was a legend

She did not get distracted

She researched all the families

And created the family tree.

When she was sick and dying

She got a promise from thee

To keep on researching

The rather large family tree,

Some years have past

And time has wasted

No researching have I done

However some elder branches

Have fallen off the family tree

My aim right now is updating

The deaths, births and weddings

So at least when I start researching

I’ll have an updated family tree.

Holidays are over

Holidays are over

This is my favourite time of year

The nights are built for snuggling

The days for glorious sun.

The sun is warm yet does not burn

The skies are satisfyingly blue

Clouds rarely mar the air

And rain is never near.

I live outdoors after 9am

I ride and walk and kayak

Anything I can do to explore

The world in which I live in.

Today we road a railway track

And found ourselves in a tunnel

A cool wind blew through the curve

The ground was damp and dark

Not one bit of it, you could see

Notices announced a bat colony

Roosting above the high curved ceiling

There was nought to do but keep peddling

Dory’s song inside my head

Next time I will bring a lamp

Just so I can see what horrors I rode on.

Monday I am back at work

To long for sunshine out the windows

I wonder how many outside classes

I can get my maths students to go on!


A song once sung

“Head West” proclaimed

But what would we find there.

I headed west

Into a desert

Sheoaks and spinifex lived there

But not all wests give the same

And one day I went bushwalking


Endless vistas of mountain ranges

A city’s water supply

Hazy spring afternoons

Gave everything a muted tone.

One west a desert of open plains

One west bands of mountain ranges

What other wests are there out there

Sounds like I have some exploring yet to do.

Day 10

Day 10 was not so good

But I did not stray too far

A small slice of apple pie

A bit of custard

Now I have to say of apple pie

The fruit was way too sweet

And custard, I did not get much of

My son he helped me there.

Even though I caved to temptation

I am not unhappy with myself

For all in all I’ve eaten most healthy

For the ten days before.




The morning dawns

The birds awake


No other sound to make

The kids are blissfully tuckered out

The house is content in cleaniless

For me,

My brain says time to rise

This means today I have the luxury

Of an early morning exercise.

Bird v Car

A bird call and a car motor

Compete for making noise

The bird is done quite quickly

The motor fades away

Which will last the distance

Until the end of days?

Day 8

Day 8 has come

Day 8 has gone

And just the slightest craving

Icecream I wanted

Icecream I drooled

I was very good

I simply distanced myself.

Those windows I have

Looked out of for weeks

Needed a wash clean.

One craving now abated.



Celebrating healthy?

I simply cannot remember

How many days I am into my health kick

I am not yet in the double digits

I am, somewhere, I hope past the sixth.

Perhaps it is my seventh day

And things are going surprisingly well

We had the end of term party

No sugar did I partake of.

I ignored the oreo muffins

And the lemon drissle cake

I did not touch the chocolates,

Nor the cranberry crackers and quince paste.

I stuck with the fruit and sushi and a small slice of vegetarian slice


No celebratory end of term wine

Greeted me at the door when I got home.

I did not crave a chocolate

I did not want a drink.

So today I was taken by surprise

When a relative gave me a call.

You see he’s getting married

That is something worth celebrating

But I have spent my life celebrating

With chocolates, wine and sweet cakes


How do you plan to celebrate

When all those things are out?

Guess I will have to be creative

With dinner now tonight.