These are the men

I get continually annoyed by how we focus on negatives so much in Australian media, in particular how all men are bad.  They are not.  I have been priviliaged to meet so many amazing, caring men.  This is essentially for the millions of good men out there.

These are the men


My mother’s Hug

My mother’s Hug 

A poem about remembering those who passed away.

Indy and the Control Freak 15

Sam’s having issues with Indy’s independance.  She’s out for a walk, all by herself and he’s panicing that the stalker will get her also that she seems to have no indication she’s actually in danger.  Major frustrations for Sam.

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Indy and the Control Freak 15

The Scavenger Hunt

The Scavenger Hunt

A short story about competitive siblings trying to gain the family treasure from their deceased Grandfather.  For international readers out there “Ringer” refers to a person who is paid to provide labour on a station (super large grazing property aka Giant farm which can cover the area of a small nation)

My name is Keegan and … 4

Welcome to No. 4 of Keegan’s story which starts with the inspiring sentence “My name is Keegan and I am dead.”  Seems like a pretty hard sentence to get a story out of but I am very happy with the results.

My name is Keegan and … 4 


Please feel free to provide me with the next opening sentence.

A student again

The pot sits on the shove, the flames likcking it’s bottom.

It blackens up and heats and stews

Arguments are not forgotten.

As the day heats, so too the pot.

Injustices are percieved.

You said hello, or so you thought, “How’s your day?” as well

But heard was “You’re a rotter, you’re a tosser.”

The simmering reaches boiling point

Chaos erupts, the pot explodes

Contents flying indiscriminately

Until empty once more, flat, drained.

The simmering stew, a student again.

via Daily Prompt: Simmer

Indy and the Control Freak 14

Welcome to the next section of Indy’s journey.  She’s cleaned up her house from the extensive damage that the Stalker did to it, having the help of 3 primo strong men did not go astray.  Now Indy is done with the controlling men in her life and wants to get her life back from all the orders.  Her brother and her lover are not going to like that.

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Indy and the Control Freak 14dead plant

Last Chance – My name is Keegan

Last chane to offer up the next starter sentence in

“My name is Keegan and….”

It’s your opportunity to provide inspriation and influence the story in a way that challenges me.    Remember the starter sentence must start with “My name is Keegan and….”

Write your starter sentences in the comments sectoin.

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My name is Keegan – Prologue 

That’ll Do

Baby girl clip artA poem about new parenthood and how completely lost you can feel.

That’ll Do


Ghouls hiding in the light 

School ghouls

A fun look at highschool students who Netflix all night long

via Daily Prompt: Ghoulish